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This Daenerys-Inspired Braided Ponytail Is Hairspo at Its Finest

First we brought you Missandei's super-simple braid crown, then Arya Stark's slightly more complex braided bun situation. But when it comes to Game of Thrones hairdos, no one does it quite like Dany. In reality, those platinum blonde strands come courtesy of a wig and hair designer, but that doesn't mean you can't be inspired to recreate some of her epic braids on your own hair, right?! Right. 

Sure, it'll take you a little longer than your basic French braid, but it'll be totally worth it when everyone stops to compliment you. (I can attest! I received more comments on my hair in the half-day I rocked this hairstyle than ever before in my life.)

Here's how to get this epic braided ponytail at home, no wig required:

1. Part hair down the middle, then separate ear-to-ear and in half on each side. 
2. Braid sections in various sizes on either side and tie each with a rubber band.
3. Combin remaining hair into one low ponytail and secure with a rubber band. 
4. Split ponytail hair into three sections and make three more braids, securing each with a rubber band.
5. Combine all sections together at base of your neck/top of the ponytail with a rubber band. Wrap one small braid around the elastic to cover the rubber band and pin to secure.
6. Secure ends of hair at the bottom of ponytail with a rubber band. Wrap small piece of hair from the bottom around the elastic to cover the rubber band and pin to secure. 




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