This Nail Polish Kit Delivers a Long-Lasting Manicure In Less Than 10 Minutes

Equipped with a base coat, topcoat, lacquer, and more, Dazzle Dry’s Mini Kit makes painting and drying your nails an absolute breeze. 

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Photo: Courtesy of Dazzle Dry

Once upon a time, I used to do my nails at least once a week, if not every few days. Then, dear readers, I got a puppy, and any time that I used to devote to meticulously painting and drying my nails disappeared — fast. If I'm not playing tug-of-war, I'm wrangling him into his harness every two hours for a walk, scrubbing my hands after cleaning up an "accident," or attempting to nix any nipping or furniture chewing. In short, my previously well-manicured fingers have officially turned into dry, colorless messes that I'm pretty sure Franklin, my Portuguese water dog, thinks are chew toys.

Now, don't get me wrong: Welcoming Franklin into our family has brought me far more joy than any DIY mani ever could. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit to missing my weekly self-care practice, not to mention the fact that I thoroughly hate looking at my natural nails. (Though, that's an insecurity to discuss another time.) And while I've tried to squeeze in a mani here and there, I could not seem to secure the time needed to successfully dry my nails before Franklin beckoned. (

That is, however, until I tried Dazzle Dry's Mini Kit (Buy It, $35,, a four-step system that promises perfectly polished (and hardened!) nails in a matter of minutes. And it achieves such an impressive feat not just with flying colors but also without including potentially harmful chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin (among many others) or requiring fans, lights, or dryers. Sounds like a pipe dream? I thought so too, especially as an already devoted fan of other nail polish brands. But after following the kit's four simple steps, I officially went from skeptic to sold.

Each Dazzle Dry Mini Kit includes a miniature-sized base coat, topcoat, and lacquer (the color of which you can choose from the brand's 150 options) as well as Dazzle Dry's Nail Prep, which removes any oils or lotion from the nail plate prior to painting, and Revive, which restores the consistency of the topcoat and lacquer if they become thick due to air exposure. While you can buy these components(as well as more shades) individually (and, thus, at higher price points each), you're going to want them all to ensure the aforementioned speed-dry manicure. So why not start off with a budget-friendly kit and upgrade to larger sizes of the products once you run through them (which is bound to happen)?

Courtesy of Dazzle Dry

Buy It: Dazzle Dry Mini Kit 4 Step System, $35,

If you've ever gotten your nails done professionally, you know that the technician typically swipes remover on each nail before getting down to business with the base coat. This ensures a clean, oil-free canvas for painting, which can help keep your polish from chipping — but it can also be super drying. Unlike acetone, however, Dazzle Dry's Nail Prep (step one of the Mini Kit) achieves the same clean surface for a long-lasting mani while providing nail-strengthening hydrolyzed protein and moisture. Weak nails, no more!

Next up: Steps 2 and 3, aka base coat and polish. Although the small size of the bottle and brush made channeling my inner Picasso a bit more difficult than expected, the polish's week+-long results made the challenge worth it. See, Dazzle Dry's formulated with unique polymer technology that enables the polish to expand and contract with the nail. And this flexibility of sorts helps the lacquer last up to 14 days. Layer on two coats of the brand's topcoat (step four), which seals in your polish with a protective shine, and in what feels like the speed of light (or, in reality, five minutes), you've got a salon-quality mani that can withstand whatever an energetic puppy throws your way. Altogether, I'd say the entire DIY manicure took, at most, 10 minutes. I repeat: 10 minutes.

But you don't have to be tending to a teething, not-yet-house-broken pup to be wowed by the Mini Kit's long-lasting, speedy results. Just take it from this reviewer: "I am a boat captain, so I am tough on my nails. Most polish lasts 2 days so to get a week out of it is unbelievable!!! It's so easy to put on! Love it!!"

"I have been down the same road so many times...always being disappointed by nail polishes that claim to last at least a week, only chip after a few days. I was a bit hesitant this time because when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I was so glad to be wrong this time," shares another fan. "I am so blown away that it really does dry completely in 5 mins and it's free of really harsh chemicals. So impressed!" (

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