This $13 Treatment Makes an Enormous Difference In My Cystic Acne Within 2 Days

Reviewers agree it “works like a charm.” 

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Shape Certified: De La Cruz Acne Treatment
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Over my many years of working in the beauty industry, I've tried countless hyped-up treatments for cystic acne. I'm an optimist, despite knowing better; my dermatologist has assured me that my under-the-skin bumps are outside the reach of topical treatments, so I take oral spironolactone daily to ease the symptoms. It's helped immensely, but every few weeks, I still get a swollen volcano taking up residence on my face, so my hunt for a helper continued.

I was browsing Amazon one day when the algorithm surfaced De La Cruz's 10 Percent Sulfur Ointment before my eyes, one of the few remedies I hadn't yet tried. Of its more than 2,000 ratings, over half of them gave the fix a full five stars for its effect on resistant zits — and with reviewers calling it "magic in a jar" and "the only thing that actually works," I was intrigued. After around three months of turning to the solution weekly, I now completely understand.

De La Cruz's 10 Percent Sulfur Ointment Key Features

  • How I tested: As recommended by the brand, I used the sulfur ointment on cystic acne for 10 minutes a day until the bump shrank, over a span of three months.
  • Perfect for: Anyone who gets under-the-skin zits, whiteheads, blackheads, fungal acne, rosacea bumps, eczema, or hormonal pimples, and wants to shorten their lifecycle.
  • What you'll love: At $13 for a generous tub, the price can't be beat — especially because spot-treating with a small dab of the ointment makes stubborn zits disappear within one or two days.
  • Key ingredients: Ten percent sulfur, which exfoliates the outer layer of skin cells and inhibits the growth of acne bacteria, according to

De La Cruz's 10 Percent Sulfur Ointment Review

Shape Certified: De La Cruz Acne Treatment

De La Cruz's 10 Percent Sulfur Ointment Review

It feels like I'm perpetually playing Whac-a-Mole with hormonal acne, and while not the end of the world, it gets frustrating to always be tiptoeing around sensitive, inflamed areas. I'm not sure what's worse: The days when cystic acne has yet to surface and just lurks like a swollen menace or when it's peaked into a whitehead with a red, angry perimeter. Yet in both cases, De La Cruz's Ointment intervenes like a knight in shining armor.

The first time I knew I was working with something unusual was when I used it for about 10 minutes on a lurking situation and realized the next day that the painful bump had almost entirely disappeared. I tried it on the next whitehead I got and saw equally stunning results: A pin-sized dab, again left on for 10 minutes, turned the formerly juicy spot into a dried husk of its former self, which promptly vacated my face. For $13, I was shocked — but I guess that's just the power of sulfur for you; the same ingredient features in best-selling acne treatments from Mario Badescu and Sunday Riley, but with the De La Cruz ointment, there's no reason to pay more.

The only negative I've noticed is the smell: As you might expect from sulfur, it's not the most pleasant whiff, but the scent dissipates quickly, and the clearing capabilities make it more than worth the trade-off.

Other users are just as impressed as I am; the ointment has garnered raves for clearing up 95 percent of one person's cystic acne and eczema, and another said it works "like a charm." As one more person wrote, it outperformed retinol and antibiotics for their teen's acne — and calmed down inflammation so well, they decided to not go on Accutane. Some people note that it can be a little drying, but a good moisturizer easily counters the effect. And for the results it consistently delivers within a matter of days, it's no wonder a last shopper dubbed it the first thing they've tried in 15 years that actually works.

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