DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Is the One Skin-Care Product I'll Never Quit

I have yet to find a product that removes makeup like DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
Photo: DHC

I have major commitment issues when it comes to skin-care products. (Okay, in general.) But there's one product that I've been repurchasing since I first started washing my face. My desert-island pick isn't a pricy moisturizer or a cult-favorite serum—it's DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

I'm not drawn to the cleanser because of some breakthrough patented ingredient or beautiful packaging. It's that DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (Buy It, $28, skinstore.com) does its job better than any of the other dozens of cleansers I've tried, plain and simple. Even a thick glob of waterproof mascara melts like butter under the effects of this cleansing oil. (Speaking of, I'm not afraid to get all up in my lashes with it since it doesn't set my eyes on fire like so many cleansers I've tried.)

The main ingredient in the DHC cleansing oil is organic olive oil, and it contains vitamin E and caprylic triglyceride, an ingredient derived from coconut oil and glycerin. I know what you're probably thinking, but I promise it doesn't leave skin greasy. I have combination skin and I've found that my T-zone actually tends to be less oily and my pores less noticeable when I'm using the DHC Cleansing Oil—maybe because my skin compensates when I use more drying cleansers by producing more oil. Also, it's less viscous than straight-up olive oil, and rinses off easily.

If you have oily or combo skin (like me), you might think the concept of applying an oil to cleanse your skin sounds less than ideal. I've definitely questioned it. But oil dissolves oil, so cleansing oils can be effective at breaking down makeup, dirt, and grime. The idea behind cleansing oils is that they're less harsh; they don't strip the skin of its natural moisture the way that more soapy cleansers do. In my experience, this certainly seems to be the case; my skin never feels tight and dried out after using oil-based cleansers the way it sometimes does after a foaming wash. Another reason I'm comfortable using the DHC cleanser is that olive oil is considered to have a low comedogenicity rating (that's a rating of how likely it is to clog pores).

If you're still skeptical, you can try incorporating DHC Cleansing Oil as step one of a double cleanse and follow it up with a mild soap. In all honesty, I'm too lazy, and I've never felt a need to wash again after using this cleansing oil.

Granted, this is not an under-the-radar discovery. A bottle of the DHC cleanser is sold every 10 seconds, and the internet is filled with glowing reviews similar to this one. Numerous celebrities are fans of the product, including Lucy Hale, Betty Gilpin, and Victoria Loke. It's meant for all skin types, which might help explain why it's so universally loved.

Yes, I still plan to try out other cleansers to see what's out there. But at this point, I'm confident that DHC Deep Cleansing Oil will remain my number one. If you're currently shopping around for a new cleanser, it's a fantastic way to go.

Buy It: DHC deep cleansing oil 6.7 fl oz, $28, skinstore.com

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