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Try This 2-Ingredient DIY Eye Makeup Remover and Say Goodbye to Irritation

Mascara and eye makeup can be stubborn (especially the waterproof variety), yet many eye makeup removers contain irritating chemicals that can dry out the sensitive skin around your eyes. What's a girl to do, assuming she doesn't want to wake up with black stains all over her pillowcase? Shake up your own natural eye makeup remover so you know exactly what you're putting on your eyes. The best part: All you need is olive oil, some aloe water, and a jar and you're good to go. (Here are some other beauty products you can make yourself to fight frizz, set your makeup, and more.) 

Here's how do it:
Mix together olive oil (we used California Olive Ranch Arbequina) and aloe water (we're a fan of Aloe Gloe) in a glass jar you can seal tightly. (Or use a mini plastic bottle if you'll be traveling with it.) Before using, shake the mixture to emulsify and apply to a gentle cotton pad. Gently wipe off makeup.


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