This Plastic Surgeon Developed the Ultimate Skin-Care Line for Hyperpigmentation

Dr. Lara Devgan's skin-care line includes a range of science-driven products for those looking to even out their skin tone.

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Dr. Lara Devgan
Photo: Dr. Lara Devgan

Scroll through Lara Devgan, M.D.'s Instagram and you'll see rows of subtle transformations. What you might miss at first glance? Not all of the plastic surgeon's posts showcase the results of a procedure — sometimes they're the work of her skin-care line. And among the before-and-afters, she's shared numerous impressive photos of people who've started using her hyperpigmentation-focused products.

At her practice in New York, Dr. Devgan offers laser treatments and chemical peels intended to reverse hyperpigmentation. But she also believes skin-care products can make an impact, so she created a hyperpigmentation-fighting collection within her existing skin-care line, Dr. Laura Devgan Scientific Beauty.

"With anything related to your skin, I think of interventions as rungs on a ladder, and you want to be on the lowest possible rung and still have an effective outcome," she says. "So if you can get a great benefit from using skin care, then you don't need to have a laser treatment. If you can get a great result from a laser treatment, then you don't need to have a super aggressive series of chemical peels. Everybody's a little bit different; there's a role for all different kinds of interventions. But you want to try to start small and go from there." If you do need in-office treatments, skin-care can act as a maintenance step, she adds.

A quick refresher: Hyperpigmentation refers to the darkening of areas of skin compared to surrounding skin. Freckles, brown spots, sun spots, and other dark patches all fall under the category of hyperpigmentation. UV exposure, inflammation from skin conditions like acne or heat, or hormonal changes can all cause hyperpigmentation. It's super common, especially among people with darker skin tones.

With her line, Dr. Devgan wanted to get the concentrations of each ingredient right. "Sometimes when brands get big or they want to make sure that they are never going to cause anybody to have any irritation, the effective percentages of ingredients go down," she says. "One thing that was really important for me to think about was to make sure that I was using ingredients that have been vetted and proven in the medical and scientific literature at clinically relevant and meaningful percentages."

The result? A lineup of five products that work together to reverse and prevent discoloration. It includes an a.m. Hyaluronic Serum (Buy It, $245, and a p.m. Vitamin C+B+E Ferulic Serum (Buy It, $145,

"Hyaluronic acid is a major component of the body's collagen, and it stimulates and boosts your own collagen," explains Dr. Devgan. "It's a very important part of the hyperpigmentation collection because you don't want to over-strip or over-dry the skin."

The collection's vitamin C serum contains 15 percent vitamin C, 1 percent vitamin E, and 0.5 percent ferulic acid. Vitamin C is an all-star ingredient for evening skin tone and limiting UV damage, and research suggests that it works best in conjunction with other antioxidants (e.g. vitamin E or ferulic acid).

Hyaluronic Serum


Vitamin C+B+E Ferulic Serum

Dr. Devgan Vitamin C B E + Ferulic Serum

An additional nighttime serum, the Retinoid Glow Serum (Buy It, $295,, combines 0.5 percent retinol with vitamins C and E. "Retinol is an important skin-care ingredient that improves the rate of skin cell turnover," explains Dr. Devgan. (

To round things out, the collection includes a Microdermabrasion Scrub (Buy It, $65, meant to be used twice weekly, and an SPF 44 BB cream (Buy It, $145, The BB cream moisturizes and protects from future sun-induced pigmentation via mineral blockers zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It provides light coverage with the help of a "proprietary pigment that's designed to blend to any skin tone, from very fair to very dark," says Dr. Devgan.

It's a lot to take in, but Dr. Devgan welcomes questions. "Ever since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown in New York City, we started an initiative that we plan to continue indefinitely: We are doing complimentary and customized skin-care product recommendations via direct message and email to anyone who reaches out to my practice," she says. "We answer thousands of direct messages where people will send us their concerns, they'll send us makeup-free photos, and members of my team and I try to answer all of their questions. [WE] try to do our best to give a curated and customized experience." (

So if you still have any lingering Q's, you can always shoot Dr. Devgan a DM to receive personalized advice. With her skin-care offerings, you get in on some of her tools for treating hyperpigmentation, whether or not you ever set foot in her office.

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