This Dr Teal's Foaming Bath Is My New Go-To for Soothing Period Cramps

If you deal with period cramps, I can't recommend Dr Teal's PMS Menstrual Relief Foaming Bath enough.

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Period cramps might just be the worst part of menstruating. Whether you experience mild or severe cramps, they have a way of zapping your energy and wiping out your motivation to do anything.

As someone who gets particularly overwhelming cramps during her cycle, I'm always game to try just about anything in search of relief. Recently, I tried out the Dr Teal's PMS Menstrual Relief Foaming Bath and found out it's amazing for soothing cramps. (

If you're unfamiliar, Dr Teal's offers a wide range of bath salts and bubble baths that are known for their affordable pricing and ability to soothe aching muscles. The two newest products to join the lineup are Dr Teal's PMS Menstrual Relief Pure Epsom Bath Salt (Buy it, $6, and Dr Teal's Menstrual Relief Foaming Bath (Buy it, $6,, which are designed to ease pain and discomfort from your period. Both are formulated with an herbal plant complex that combines ginger, chaste berry, evening primrose, and Epsom salt, which all have the potential to ease muscle cramps and other pain caused by your period, such as backaches. It also contains orange and lemon essential oils, which research links to mood-boosting benefits.

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Buy it: Dr Teal's Menstrual Relief Foaming Bath, $6,

When I caught wind of the collection, I was immediately intrigued. On a particularly icky-feeling night, I filled up my bathtub with warm water and poured in the Menstrual Relief Foaming Bath. Since both products are made with the similar ingredients,the one you pick is a matter of whether or not you like bubbles. I wanted to recreate a spa-like experience at home and figured the foaming bath would set the mood. The instructions recommend pouring a generous amount of the bubble bath or at least two cups if you're doing the salt. (

The first thing I noticed about the Dr Teal's bubble bath was its scent. The blend of essential oils and plant extracts offers a subtly sweet yet clean and refreshing aroma that quickly filled my bathroom, turning it into a spa-like retreat. When I got into the tub, I was immediately cradled by a sea of bubbles that seemingly took away all of my worries. Between the heat of the water and the menstrual cramp-relieving formula, I did notice a significant relief from my pain after soaking for about 15 minutes. (

Once I was done with the bath (I soaked for about 20 minutes total), I felt physically and mentally better overall. Physically, I definitely felt more at ease, comfortable and in less pain. Taking a few moments of peace and relaxation also helped ease my mind. I love that the soak forces you to take a pause for self-care at a time when you need it most.

While I still believe that sometimes there's nothing better than a pain killer for period cramps, I definitely will be adding this soak to my monthly routine. If you're looking to ease period pain, have a relaxing moment, and do some self-care, trust me when I say that the Dr Teal's foaming bath checks off all the boxes.

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