Drew Barrymore Says Her "Pores Are Visibly Gone" Thanks to This $18 Face Mask

"[It] literally blew me away."

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drew barrymore x mario badescu face mask
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Drew Barrymore somehow manages to keep it real on just about everything, including (but not limited to!) her beauty routine. Whether it's her pimple-popping process for banishing maskne or the $12 vitamin E oil she slathers all over her face, the talk show host never fails to serve up juicy skin-care secrets. And her latest revelation is no exception.

Last week, Barrymore shared that she's a newly-minted fan of a product that's so jaw-droppingly effective that immediately after seeing results IRL, she thought to herself, "I gotta bring this to the news desk." (ICYDK, the news desk is part of the Drew Barrymore Show.) The Barrymore-backed beauty buy? Mario Badescu's Drying Mask (Buy It, $18, ulta.com), a lightweight, buttery soft face mask that "literally blew [her] away." One more time for the folks in the back: It "literally blew [her] away." Got that? Good.

You might be familiar with the cult-favorite skin-care brand beloved by a dizzying list of famous names and faces, including Kylie Jenner, Heidi Klum, Ashley Graham, and so many more, who have all sung the praises of the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (Buy It, $17, ulta.com). But if you're looking for a face mask that will help remove product build-up and environmental gunk from skin while visibly shrinking pores, Barrymore's got you covered with the brand's drying mask.

During the episode, the 46-year-old star went on to give the budget-friendly find a glowing review: "One of the reasons I loved it is I have visible pores," she told to viewers. "This has got sulfur and zinc oxide and it gets to work on that surface. It pulls impurities from your skin, and it's got calamine and cucumber, so it feels very soothing. But I'm telling you: My pores were visibly gone." (

And she's not wrong: the powerful product is able to deliver such impressive results thanks to its blend of breakout-banishing ingredients. When used solo (usually as a spot treatment), sulfur is known to dry up pimples in an instant. Combine it with zinc oxide, a mineral that controls oil production, and kaolin, a clay that helps pull those oils from the skin, and you've got a veritable vacuum at your fingertips. The three ingredients work in tandem to suck up all that yuck and then minimize the appearance of pores, leaving you with, well, Barrymore-esque skin. (If you're wondering how something that smells like rotten eggs works on your skin, sulfur's actually a prime skin-care ingredient due to its antibacterial properties.)

It's definitely a potent cocktail of ingredients, but even those with sensitive, dry, and/or acne-prone skin are sure to love the product, too. That's because it boasts a healing mix of calming calamine (a form of zinc) and refreshing, hydrating cucumber extract to bring back moisture without clogging pores.

Mario Badescu Drying Mask

Mario Badescu

While plenty of Ulta reviewers note that the smell leaves much to be desired (thanks to the sulfur), happy shoppers love it as a full face mask for 15 to 20 minutes of self-care time during the week or as a spot treatment for burgeoning cysts and smaller breakouts. One recent five-star shopper put it best, calling the Mario Badescu item their "go-to." "I absolutely love this drying mask [for] getting rid of any new acne overnight," adding, "it's literally a life saver."

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