Sisley Paris Confort Extreme Levres Nutritive Lip Balm, a hydrating lip treatment, is a favorite among celebrities and top makeup artists.

By Renee Cherry
July 05, 2019
CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

When it comes to beauty products, Drew Barrymore loves to mix high and low, using the pricey and the dirt cheap. (She can appreciate a $99 eye cream and a $12 face oil equally.) So when she mentions a splurgy product, we assume it's actually worth the price regardless of available drugstore options. Enter: Sisley Paris Confort Extreme Levres Nutritive Lip Balm (Buy It, $74,, a luxury lip treatment that Drew absolutely loves.

At a recent event for Emsculpt, Drew took us through her favorite beauty products of the moment, and she lit up when talking about this balm. "I'm obsessed with the Sisley lip mask," she said. "It's changed my life. That viscosity of, like, mellifluous honey from heaven. I'm so in." (Related: The $18 Acne Treatment Drew Barrymore Can't Stop Talking About)

Drew's not alone; Salma Hayek said that she carries the lip balm around in her purse, and it seems to be quite the celebrity makeup artist favorite. Lady Gaga, Dakota Johnson, and Rosamund Pike have all worn it on the red carpet as a base layer under lipstick. What's more, the lip treatment just earned a spot on InStyle's 2019 Best Beauty Buys, which are crowdsourced from top makeup artists, dermatologists, and other experts.

Given the hype surrounding Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask, the popularity of Drew's beloved lip treatment is no fluke. A quick glance at the Sisley lip balm ingredients also helps explain its popularity. It contains moisturizers like hazelnut oil and vitamin E, as well as sunflower seed oil and shea butter. It's formulated to ~melt~ in, softening and protecting the delicate skin. (Here are more tips on how to avoid dry, cracked, chapped lips.)

If you're ready to drop coin in the name of lip care, you can buy Sisley Paris Confort Extreme Levres Nutritive Lip Balm at Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, or Barney's.


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