The Dyson Airwrap Is a Magical Do-It-All Hair Tool Worth the Splurge

This new, first-of-its-kind tool uses air to dry and style hair—without frying strands. Finally, it's back in stock after wracking up a 113,000 person waitlist.

The Dyson Airwrap Is a Magical Do-It-All Hair Tool Worth the Splurge

When beloved vacuum brand Dyson entered the beauty space two years ago with the Supersonic blow dryer, it was a total game-changer. It's sleek and lightweight, it dries your hair crazy-fast, and it does it without frying your hair. So I had high hopes for their latest innovation: the Dyson Airwrap, a do-it-all tool that uses air to style hair without extreme heat. (Buy It, $550,,,

First, the basics. It's designed to be used on damp hair and comes with an attachment that turns your device into a pseudo dryer so you can rough-dry wet hair before you style. (It's not super effective on too-wet or too-dry hair.) From there, you can easily snap on one of the five other attachments depending on your hair type and the style you want. There are three brush attachments (a firm smoothing brush for thicker, frizzier hair; a soft smoothing brush for fine hair; and a round volumizing brush to add volume to flat hair) plus two sizes of barrels, one for waves (1.6-inch) and one for more defined curls (1.2-inch).

Photo: Dyson.

Now, for the part that makes the Dyson Airwrap unlike any other hot tool you've used before. According to its British inventor and engineer, James Dyson, the product uses something called the Coanda effect. This is a fancy term that means when you turn on the tool while using the curling attachments, it grabs your hair and wraps it around the barrel for you, using high-speed airflow—no clamping or rotating involved. The air and controlled heat then dry and curl your hair in roughly 10 seconds (there's also a cool shot to help lock in the style).

The first time using this thing is pretty magical, but there's a definite learning ~curve~. (Just like the first time you used a curling wand and probably burned your fingers while trying to perfectly wrap your hair around it.) On my first go with the Airwrap, I tried to remove the wand from my hair while it was still on—and ended up with a tangled mess. But once I mastered the technique, I had symmetrical waves (each kit includes a clockwise and counterclockwise barrel, so you can curl hair both away from and toward your face).

Yes, it's expensive AF, but in theory, the Dyson Airwrap can replace your blow dryer, round brush, straightener, and curling iron—and will save you time to boot. (That's a major perk for someone like me with a ton of long, straight, and heavy hair that takes forever to dry and style.) Plus, it's an investment in your hair's long-term health. It doesn't fry hair like a lot of traditional hot tools, so you can use it more often without fear of destroying your strands. (

After launching in October 2018, the tool sold out within weeks—so you know the hype is real. Luckily, it's finally back in stock on Dyson's website, after accumulating a 113,000 person waitlist. Scoop up the complete set (with all attachments) now while you can on Dyson's site, or through beauty retailers like Sephora and Ulta.

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