The Dyson hair dryer is (literally and figuratively) cooler than its competitors. But is it worth the $$?

By Kylie Gilbert
Updated: February 01, 2019
Photo: Dyson

When Dyson finally launched their Supersonic hair dryer in the fall of 2016 after months of anticipation, die-hard beauty junkies ran to their nearest Sephora to find out if the hype was real. After all, besides the new technology being touted in this first-of-its-kind gadget, Dyson also had one of the biggest celeb hairstylists, Jen Atkin (who regularly works with the Kardashian crew and Chrissy Teigen) as the spokesperson. In other words, this thing had major cool-factor.

Fast-forward two years. If you weren't in the camp of early adopters, you may be wondering: Is the Dyson hair dryer really worth the nearly $400 price tag? Short version? Um, kind of, yeah! While the five-star reviews speak for themselves, here's a breakdown of what makes it worth the hype (and the money). (Related: The Best Hair Straightening Brushes That Will Make You Break Up With Your Flat Iron)

What makes the Dyson better for your hair?

The makers of your mom's favorite vacuum cleaner took their foray into the beauty biz seriously. They invested a casual $71 million developing the product and spent four years studying the science of hair. Their goal? To create a blow dryer that was physically cooler-and healthier for the hair-than anything else out there. (Related: 5 Natural Ingredients That Can Work Wonders On Your Hair)

The end result: "Intelligent heat control technology," which measures the temperature 20 times per second to give you the level of heat you need to style hair, without allowing it to reach those extreme temps that "fry" hair in the process. And healthier hair = shinier hair. (FYI, their latest product, the Dyson Airwrap, curls hair without extreme heat, and we're kind of obsessed with it.)

Okay, but what else makes it better than the dryer I have?

If healthier hair isn't enough to convince you, there's this: Due to a super-controlled air flow, this thing dries hair hella fast. Many reviewers say that it has cut their dry time in half. It's also way quieter than most other hair dryers on the market-a plus if you get ready early in the morning before your husband/kids/roommate are awake.

Although powerful, the motor in this thing is tiny. It's "a third of the weight and half the size of other hair dryer motors"-which translates to a product that's comparable in size and weight to travel-size dryers on the market. Read: You can actually throw this into your already-way-too-heavy gym bag. (And because the motor is small enough to fit into the handle of the dryer, it's way more comfortable to hold, too-bye, wrist pain!)

Oh, and did we mention it's really pretty? It's available in three colorways-and trust us, you'll want it to become a permanent accessory in your bathroom even when you aren't using it.

But do I really need to spend $400 on a hair dryer?

If you already have a hair dryer that works perfectly fine (it dries your hair in a reasonable amount of time, without leaving hair feeling fried or looking frizzy), you probably don't need to drop $400 on a Dyson hair dryer. But if you're less than impressed with your current option and blow dry your hair on the reg, go ahead and treat yourself to this splurge-item. By our rough calculations, it more than pays for itself based on the style time it will save you. And as they say, you can't put a price on happiness (or healthy hair), right?

Buy it, $399, and


Comments (3)

February 6, 2019
Yes, if it is about $300 obtainable with a 20% OFF coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond, then and only then that quality engineered, kinetically balanced, audibly tuned, sophisticated piece of practical art... yes, it is absolutely positively worth every penny.
February 2, 2019
No, you don't. I have this hair dryer and it's not worth it. I used to use the Rusk hair dryer and I think it is just as good, but 1/4 of the price.
February 1, 2019