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3 Easy Gym Hairstyles for Short Hair That Actually Stay Put

Short Hair Gym Styles: 3 Buns

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Getting all of your hair up for a sweaty workout if you have short hair can be a workout itself. That's why we tapped makeup and hairstylist Amanda Holley for three easy styles that are totally gym—or night out—appropriate. This three-bun style is a celeb-favorite (lookin' at you, Julianne Hough!) with a slight edge and takes just minutes to execute.

How to do it: Starting at the crown of your head, create a ponytail with a clear elastic. Tease with a comb, then wrap the ends around to create a bun, using bobby pins to secure. Repeat the process as you work your way down your head to create three evenly spaced buns.

Short Hair Gym Styles: Low Pigtail Buns

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If three buns are a little too dramatic for your taste, try these two low buns for a simple, no-fuss, '90s-inspired look. (Related: Red Carpet-Worthy Hairstyles to Rock at the Gym)

How to do it: Part your hair down the middle and separate into two. Create two low buns and secure with a clear elastic. Use bobby pins to tuck in loose pieces. 


Short Hair Gym Styles: Dutch Braids

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You can never go wrong with a classic Dutch braid—or two. A perk of having short hair? You have less to braid than your long-tressed friends. (Related: 4 Cool AF Braid Hairstyles to Rock This Summer

How to do it: Part hair down the middle. Braid each side by crossing alternate outer strands underneath the middle strand, adding a section of hair each time. Secure with a clear elastic. Use fingers to slightly separate the braid to create fullness. Use bobby pins to tuck in any loose pieces.


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