Dealing with acne? Rest easy. These three blemish fighters will work magic while you snooze.

By By Kate Sandoval Box
Updated: September 21, 2016

Spending time obsessing, squeezing, and staring at your acne will only make you look and feel worse. (Stress never helps, ladies.) The remedy: Treat it, then go to bed! (You should also try The Best Skin Care Routine for Acne-Prone Skin.)

First off, simply logging a full night of sleep will help. Your skin cells go into repair mode when you sleep, so they'll be unclogging your pores and healing inflammation. You can maximize the benefits by doing these things before bed:

Clean deep

Time: 1 minute

Swap your regular cleanser for a powder version. Add water to a dime-size pile of exfoliating powder to make a paste, then apply to skin. The sudsy scrub will slough away dead skin cells that clog pores without irritation.

Spray away body acne

Time: 45 seconds

Are you guilty of hanging out in your gym clothes long past the end of your workout? If so, that could be the reason for bacne, buttne, and chestne. Once you get undressed, spritz your body with a body spray that contains salicylic acid. No need to rinse. Just put on your PJs and jump into bed.

Treat while you sleep

Time: 30 seconds

Dab a drying lotion on your pimples (especially any brand new ones). This is a special solution that contains salicylic acid to dry out the spot and calamine to soothe your skin. To use, stick a Q-tip all the way to the bottom of the bottle (this ensures you pick up both the salicylic acid and the calamine) and then dab it directly onto each blemish. It leaves a pink tint on skin, but hey, you'll be sleeping anyway. Wash your face in the morning, then leave home looking flawless.

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