Easy, Snow-Inspired Nail Art

Celebrate the first snowfall with these DIY nail art tips, inspired by this week's surge of flurries

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It's a reality: Colder days are upon us. Whether you live in the midwest or on the east coast, chances are, you saw your first flurry-or experienced a full-blown blizzard!-in the past couple of days. But instead of lamenting fall's end, use the white stuff and the chilling temps as an inspiration to upgrade your look. It isn't hard to do either! In fact, you can show off your winter spirit in just two easy steps. Follow along below to make your nail style match the frightful weather.

First, after you apply your base coat, paint on two layers of a dark teal color like Londontown Chivvy Along ($16; londontownusa.com).


Let the color dry, and then paint a thin line horizontally along your nail bed (the half moon-shaped area near your cuticle) with a topcoat containing tiny white flecks.

Try JINsoon Topping in Polka White ($18; barneys.com).


Swipe on a clear topcoat immediately after you apply the dots, starting from the cuticle area upward, and voila: the trickling effect of snow. (For more festive nail ideas created by Jin Soon Choi herself, check out these sparkly manicures.)


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