Emilia Clarke Says This $20 Mascara Goes On Like a Dream

"Genuinely the only thing I would need in my makeup bag, because it's so versatile, and it's so brilliant."

Emilia Clarke attending the 73rd British Academy Film Awards held at the Royal Albert Hall, London
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After eight seasons of Game of Thrones, it's hard to not think of Emilia Clarke as platinum blonde Khaleesi. But when she's not in the fantasy world of dragons and magic, the Emmy-nominated actress rocks golden brown locks. And unlike the Mother of Dragons and her makeup-free look, Clarke is not afraid to play with her fair share of beauty products on the regular.

Her holy grail? Mascara, but not just any mascara. I'll explain..

Recently, Clarke, who's Clinique's first-ever global ambassador, joined the skincare brand for a live-stream, detailing her getting ready routine and beauty staples. But before spilling her skincare secrets, Clarke shared that she's been giving her hair and skin a little extra lovin' during quarantine and that she (like so many) has been struggling with acne during this stressful time.

But the actress said that she's ready to amp up her daily routine as we "re-enter society again." These days, she's all about playing up her eyes, especially as everyone continues to wear masks in a post-COVID world.

And the one product she couldn't help but rave about for peepers that pop? None other than Clinique's High Impact Mascara (Buy It, $20, clinique.com), which she says gives you the "lashes of dreams." The deeply pigmented mascara comes in black and black/brown and boasts an uncanny ability to coat each lash without clumping. (

"Genuinely the only thing I would need in my makeup bag, because it's so versatile, and it's so brilliant—and it's all about the eyes, especially now—mascara," she said. "This is such a dream. I remember when I first started working with Clinique, I went to the beauty counter and was like 'can I get the Clinique mascara?' and they were like, 'no, we sold out everywhere,' because people love this thing, 'cause it's so good. My mom uses it, I use it. I know there are a million mascaras out there...but this one wins hands-down."

Shoppers are equally obsessed, too. One recent Sephora buyer called it "perfect," adding, "this product goes on your eyelashes like butter—smoothly and without clumps. It can be used in more natural, everyday looks and can be layered to add more volume. It's my new favorite and definitely worth the price!" (Check out these other sweat-proof mascaras worth the investment.)

As for Clarke, well, she has a bit of an unorthodox technique to get bold lashes that aren't "cloggy," as she puts it. She "blinks into it," thinking about reaching the end of her lash as she moves the wand from root to tip on both her upper and lower lashes. The result? Voluminous lashes for days. (Hey, the end result is gorgeous, so who can judge her method?)

In addition to praising Clinique's mascara, the 33-year-old star also shared the skincare essentials she uses to get her signature dewy, moisturized skin—all before putting on a drop of makeup. You can shop all her beauty must-haves (including foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, and more) through the live-stream link. (Check out these other sweat-proof mascaras worth the investment.)


Buy It: Clinique High Impact Mascara, $20, sephora.com; $25, amazon.com

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