The Cleanser Emma Roberts Uses for Smooth, Glowing Skin

The self-proclaimed "beauty obsessed" actress spilled the details about one of her favorite products.

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Emma Roberts is an admitted skin care aficionado. The 31-year-old actress talked all about her love of beauty products and how her routine has changed after giving birth to her now one-year-old son, Rhodes Robert Hedlund, in a recent interview with Bustle.

"I'm beauty obsessed," Roberts told the publication. "Skincare obsessed, anything to do with products — I'm obsessed." As a new mom, though, Roberts can't "spend hours" trying new products like she used to, she said.

"Having a baby [has] obviously just pared down my routine so much," she said in the interview. "I feel like when you're 16 or in your twenties, you can just spend hours in the bathroom trying new makeup things or three masks in one day. Now that I'm older, everything's quicker and more efficient."

One of her favorite products in her abbreviated routine is the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser, which is a cleanser and exfoliating treatment in one.

"You can use it every day, but it exfoliates and you actually feel like you're washing your face," she told Bustle. "I hate when you use face wash and your skin just feels slimy. It's a little grainy, so it feels like you're cleaning."

The creamy cleanser is made with a combination of soothing and exfoliating ingredients. Its formula includes white willow bark, a beta-hydroxy acid, and apricot microspheres (the little grains Roberts referred to). These microspheres offer chemical and physical exfoliation that removes build-up on congested skin, refines the look of large pores, and unveils a radiant glow. It also includes aloe vera, coconut, and sunflower seed oil for hydration. Even though the cleanser includes exfoliants, you can use it daily, according to Roberts.

Roberts isn't the only one who swears by the cleanser. Nearly all of the shoppers who left it a review on the Tata Harper website gave it a five star rating. "I love this product. I use a small drop or two of water to get it more into the skin. The graininess of it is very good for opening and cleaning my pores," wrote one reviewer. "I have sensitive skin, so many cleansers make me break out or make my skin too dry, too oily, etc. This cleanser is perfect! I love that you put it on dry skin. I love the smell. I love everything about it!" noted another.

When it comes to beauty, though, it's all about doing what's best for your skin type and concerns, said Roberts in the recent interview. "Ultimately, nobody knows what you need more than you," she said. So, before adding any new skin-care products into your routine, make sure you consult with a dermatologist or esthetician for tailored advice.

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