Emmy Rossum Opened Up About Her Journey to Embrace Her Naturally Curly Hair

The actress spoke about how her curls now make her "feel so unique."

Emmy Rossum wearing her natural hair at the Amazon's Museum Of Modern Love against a purple background
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Actress Emmy Rossum just got real about her journey to embrace her naturally curly hair texture. The Shameless alum shared some insights into her beauty routine in a new video for Vogue, which she shared a snippet of on Instagram. In the video, she mentions the methods she used to use to straighten her strands and why she feels more confident wearing her hair curly now. (

Rossum used to straighten her hair with flat irons, blow dryers, and keratin treatments, she reveals in the clip. These styling techniques take up time and energy, and can damage hair, but many people feel obligated to use them routinely. Western society has a long history of pressuring people (especially Black women) to mold themselves to a beauty standard that favors straight hair. Rossum is among those who have straightened their hair to "try to kind of contort this into a different ideal of beauty," she said in the video. Now, she sees her curls in a whole new light.

"What I love about curly hair — I think that it projects a confidence," explains Rossum in the Instagram post. "Finally embracing my natural hair is something that now makes me feel so unique," she said. (See: Jennifer Aniston Showed Off Her Natural Wavy Hair Texture On Instagram)

Rossum's curls aren't the only aspect of her looks that she's stopped hiding. In the video, the Angelyne star also reveals that she doesn't like to put on concealer to cover up her visible blue veins near her eyes. It's something she learned to love with a little help from her husband, director Sam Esmail.

While working on a film together before they were married, Esmail didn't want Rossum to cover up that part of her under-eye area because "it looked real and authentic," she said. "In fact, him loving that about me made me love that about me."

Rossum goes on to show her full makeup look at the end of the video posted on Instagram, but it's clear she's all about enhancing her natural features. And that's something to celebrate.

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