Essential Lingerie Rules

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1. Know Your Cup Size

Measure the inches around the fullest part of your bust. Next, measure around your rib cage, add 5, and then subtract from your bust measurement. A 1 equals an A cup, 2 is a B, etc.

2. Shop Specialty Stores

The salespeople at lingerie shops are trained to assess your right size and can help you figure out all of your lingerie needs.

3. Use This Bra Buying Strategy

As you try on a bra, lean forward so your breasts fall into the cups. There should be enough space for you to slip a finger underneath each bra strap. And don't forget, bras lose elasticity with wear, so look for firm support when fastened on the loosest clasp. Once you've found the perfect-fitting bra, consider buying more than one.

4. Avoid the Dreaded Ride-Up

For panty fit, pay attention to smoothness; you don't want any bunching or constricting. Panties made from natural fibers like cotton and silk with a minimum of spandex will retain their shape longer.

5. Let Your Outfit Determine Your Bra

When choosing a bra to wear to a special event, bring the top or dress you want to wear with it to the store. Try adhesive petals if you're wearing something that doesn't allow for a bra. These will prevent any show-through.

6. Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

Go with wild patterns when it comes to panties. It's a fun and inexpensive way to experiment with designs and colors. Save frilly bras for special occasions. Choose basic, seamless styles for everyday.

7. Feel Sexy Everyday

Always wear lingerie that makes you feel feminine and sexy-whether that means a silky fabric, a bright color, or a pretty embellishment. Toss stretched, stained or pilled pieces-in short, anything you wouldn't want to be "caught" wearing.

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