Amazon Shoppers Call This $18 Product a "Freaking Miracle" for Ingrown Hairs

Never feel self-conscious in your swimsuit again.

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I'll be the first to say it: Ingrown hairs are a b*tch. I've recently been plagued with a couple of ingrowns around my bikini line (probably because I've been shaving more in light of summer), and I swear I don't know what I did to deserve them. I didn't even know what an ingrown hair was (or felt like) until last year, and now they've become one of my greatest nemeses. Not only can they be painful and total eyesores, but they're understandably enough to make anyone feel self-conscious wearing a swimsuit (🙋). If you, like me, have been wondering how the heck to get rid of ingrown hairs—or stop them from popping up in the first place—you need to understand what they are and why you're getting them.

Hair usually will grow straight up from the follicle and pierce through the skin's surface, but sometimes the hair curls before it reaches the surface and gets trapped beneath the skin, causing inflammation, pain, itching, and bumps, Kameelah Phillips, M.D., an ob-gyn and the founder of Calla Women's Health in New York City, previously told Shape. "Sometimes people will see a little pustule, so it will look like a pimple. That's the head of inflammation that's associated with the ingrown hair," she added. (

While ingrown hairs anywhere are ~the worst~, they seem to be particularly bad for those who shave more intimate areas. What makes your bikini line especially prone to annoying, painful ingrown hairs? Pubic hair tends to be coarser and curlier than hair on other parts of the body, and when you shave it, the rough, shortened hairs are more likely to curl back and grow into your skin. The bad news for those who prefer it totally smooth down there 24/7 is that the more you shave (or wax!), the higher your chances of developing ingrown hairs. Not to mention, shaving your pubes—and doing it often—can cause irritation and unattractive red bumps in your nether region that are not so cute when you're sunbathing.

Well, Amazon shoppers have discovered a genius little tool that's apparently a godsend for ingrown hairs. Enter: the Evagloss Razor Bumps Solution Roll-On (Buy It, $18,, a roller dispenser that cools the skin, fades scars from ingrown hairs, and soothes irritation from shaving, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis, and laser removal. But the best news? Reviewers say the formula actually keeps razor burn and ingrown hairs from even forming. Um, sign me up! (

How exactly do the ingredients in this roll-on work their magic? "This product delivers a low concentration blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to exfoliate dead cells and remove excess oil, keeping the follicles clear," Joshua Zeichner, M.D., tells Shape. "At the same time it contains moisturizing ingredients to hydrate the skin," he adds. Plus, the roller dispenser design is quicker, more convenient, and incredibly travel-friendly (just pop it in your purse or toiletry kit) compared to other options, such as lotions. Dr. Zeichner points out that roll-ons are especially useful in concave areas, including the bikini line and underarms, and may be challenging to use over large body surface areas (although, many reviewers love using Evagloss' roll-on on their legs to zap razor burn and pesky bumps).

The catch? You want to make sure to moisturizer after using it since the formula contains alcohol and can be drying. "After applying this product, I would always recommend applying a moisturizing aftershave to make sure you maintain a healthy skin barrier," says Dr. Zeichner. (

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Buy It: Evagloss Razor Bumps Solution Roll-On, $18,

With over 2,500 reviews on Amazon, the Evagloss Razor Bumps Solution Roll-On has managed to maintain a solid 4.8 rating. More than 2,000 shoppers have even given the tool five stars, claiming it seamlessly takes care of razor burn and pesky red dots, drastically improves ingrown hairs and fades scarring, is safe to use on sensitive skin, and even works on dark hair. While customers note that it can be used on a bunch of different areas of the body (read: armpits, legs, face, and more), many commented that it's particularly great for the bikini line. One beachgoer went as far to say that she had never felt so confident wearing her bathing suit, thanks to this stuff.

One reviewer wrote: "I usually don't write reviews but this stuff WORKS. I have been fighting razor bumps and ingrown hairs for months. It's been so frustrating and I've tried literally everything to prevent them. I got it on Monday. Used it twice a day on my bikini area (after shower and before bed). In one day I noticed a difference. By Friday they were mostly gone. I still have a few residual bumps, but they are still mostly gone. Saturday morning I shaved, and I was able to confidently wear my bikini bottoms again. NO razor bumps from that shave. A freaking miracle."

"Who else gets horrible ingrown hairs in their pubic region? I get terrible ones to the point where I invested in laser hair removal because no matter what I do—waxing, shaving, epilating, depilatory creams—the ingrown hairs are miserable. This product has helped significantly in conjunction with the lasering (as you can only shave with laser hair removal... which was miserable, honestly) but I just love the fact that this product also is a dark spot corrector to fix my scars from ingrown hairs," said another.

"I've dealt with issues and ingrowns in my bikini area for years," shared a shopper. "I've seen a dermatologist and even been on medications both topical and oral, nothing has worked. Then I tried this product....AMAZING RESULTS!!!! I'm no longer self-conscious about anything."

Pro tip: One user shared that, at first, the tool didn't seem to be working for her, so she switched up her method: after rolling it on, as opposed to just letting it seep in on its own, she started gently rubbing the product into her skin—which made all the difference.

It's a little unclear on whether the Evagloss Razor Bumps Solution Roll-On gets rid of ingrown hairs for good. Some reviewers reported that the product completely eliminated their ingrowns while several others claimed it reduced their ingrown hairs and razor burn by 90 percent. And many noted that even if they still get an ingrown hair or two on occasion, the roll-on actually ensures the area doesn't get red or swollen and helps the hair to quickly come out on its own (without needing to force it out, which could lead to infection or scarring).

But hey, ending up with one of those three results is a lot better than the alternative, so I'll be adding this to my cart and taking my chances. Shop the roll-on now and be on your way to a smoother bikini line before summer is over.

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