From the t-shirt bra to the bandeau (and of course the sports bra!), find out which bra styles should be staples in your wardrobe

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The backbone of a good wardrobe, bras get the most wear and the least love of anything in the delicates section. Many of us have been wearing the same two or three every day for years and, despite owning roughly 20 options (a conservative estimate), we can't seem to get the majority into rotation. Maybe it's that they're the wrong size, don't offer enough support, aren't comfortable, or are simply incompatible with our breast type. (Yeah, look into it.)

To remedy that situation, we enlisted fit experts from Cosabella, Negative, and ThirdLove to break down the 10 bra styles every woman should own. Open your drawers; are categories like T-shirt, plunge, balconette, push-up, contour, and more all represented? If not, your next stop should be the fitting room. [Head to Refinery29 for the full story!]