Everyday Eyes


Use these techniques to achieve a fresh, daytime look.

Wake up your eyes

A concealer or eye cream with light-reflective pigments (look for ingredients like "mica" on labels) will brighten eyes instantly.

Experiment with colors

Muted, tawny earth tones aren't the only natural hues to choose from anymore. Now any shade you can find in nature-from the deep ruby of your favorite flower to the sparkling sapphire of a moonlit sea-fits into your palette, as long as you keep it soft. Don't be afraid to play with shades. With sheer tones, it's hard to look overly made-up.

Blend shades

When applying color, keep it close to the lash line and blend it onto the rest of the lid. Then, use the blush that you used on your cheeks, and swipe it under the brows for balance.

Make eyes pop

Any professional makeup artist will tell you that their most important tool is an eyelash curler, which instantly brightens eyes. After curling, apply mascara only to top lashes, being sure to remove any clumps with a lash comb.

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