The Brand Behind This Best-Selling Lash Growth Serum Made a Thickening Shampoo That Has Transformed My Hair

After using it for five months, I’ve said goodbye to thin, flat tresses.

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Photo: Courtesy of Revitalash Cosmetics

I first noticed some shedding in college — after brushing my hair, I'd find clumps tangled in the brush. At first, I wasn't worried. I'd always been lucky to have extremely and sometimes unmanageably thick hair, and I was confident a few extra strands wouldn't make a difference. However as the semester went on and my stress levels peaked (thanks, 2020) I saw a noticeable reduction in the weight and fullness of my hair.

Although I'd heard of shampoos for hair loss and anti-thinning formulas, I was clinging to the hope that with enough deep breathing and "chilling out," my hair would surely grow back on its own. However, when RevitaLash, the maker of an Internet-famous lash growth serum (and my all-time favorite brow growth serum), offered me a sample of their thickening shampoo to test, I was immediately interested. What did I have to lose?

Formulated to support "optimum scalp heath," this shampoo cleanses away dandruff and buildup, balancing your natural scalp bacteria in order to create a healthy environment for new hair growth. Meanwhile, strengthening ingredients like flax protein and jojoba fortify the hair shaft against breakage, protecting the length you already have. (BTW: The RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Serum is one of the best growth serums for seriously long lashes, according to customers.)

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Per the directions on the bottle, I rubbed a dime-sized dollop evenly into my scalp and let it sit on my head for about two minutes (which isn't as agonizingly long as other treatments and masks that require 5-10 minutes of baking). After rinsing the product out, my scalp felt refreshed and a bit tingly, which felt like the result of a proper detox. And after air drying my strands for about an hour, I was in awe of how much volume had been added to my normally flat tresses. Later that day, my friends even asked if I'd gotten a professional blow out — it was just that good.

With this shampoo in my arsenal, I could rely on having an amazing hair day for at least two days after each wash, which is a giant win for anyone who loathes styling or oily strands. In fact, I was so enamored with the immediate softening and volumizing effects of the thickening shampoo that I didn't notice new baby hairs growing in around my hairline until two months later. Now, after using this shampoo three times a week for five months, it's undeniable how much thickness has been restored. Believe it or not, I even stopped shedding.

For $36 you can shop RevitaLash's hair thickening shampoo on Amazon or Dermstore. And for extra volume and strength, I also recommend using it in tandem with the RevitaLash Thickening Conditioner to restore moisture and heal damage and the RevitaLash Hair Volumizing Enhancing Foam for shiny, fuller-looking hair.

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