Q. I got carried away tweezing, and now my brows have bald patches. What's the best fix?

A. To start, lay off the tweezers for three months to allow for regrowth, plucking only very obvious strays below the brow line. While you're waiting for hairs to grow in, camouflage bald patches using a brow pencil. "It's easier to control than powder and gives better coverage," says Los Angeles brow guru Anastasia Soare.

Pick a pencil that matches your brows and apply in feather-like strokes. Our favorite: Maybelline New York Expert Eyes Twin Brow & Eye Pencils ($3 per pair; at drugstores), which double as eyeliners. If your brows don't grow back in six months, see a dermatologist. "A long history of over-plucking can damage the follicle, leaving it temporarily unable to produce hair," says Jeffrey Dover, M.D., an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Yale School of Medicine. If that's the case, a prescription steroid cream applied twice daily can help stimulate growth in about three weeks.