Take a look at a few mascara wands and you'll see that they come in all shapes and colors--some even vibrate!

Check out these eye makeup tips to find out how the mascara brush shapes differ and which type will play up your peepers.

Curved/Crescent Mascara Wands

If you want your eyes to pop, curling your eyelashes is key. Pick a mascara wand that's curved in the middle, place it so that it naturally cups the shape of your eye, and lightly sweep outwards.

Rubber Mascara Wands

Rubber wands are great if you want a lot of volume, because they can easily bend from root to end. "Rubber bristles flex with movement and shape the eye, unlike regular bristles, which can be stiff and hard to control," says Kimara Ahnert, a New York City-based makeup artist.

Small Bristles

If you have short eyelashes, Ahnert recommends using a wand with small bristles. You can get very close to your eye, and even apply a coat to the bottom lashes. Here's an easy rule of thumb: The smaller the bristles, the better control you have.

Comb-like Mascara Wands

These superfine bristles are great for elongating each lash. "When you're going for length, try a wand with longer more separated bristles that have a comb-like look," adds Ahnert. These wands are terrific if you want to avoid clumping.

Safety Concerns?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) constantly updates its database of safe cosmetics. Hazardous traces of mercury have been found in certain mascaras, so it's a good idea to refer to the site to find out how your beauty products rank.