Eyebrow Stamps Are the TikTok-Approved Trick for Quick, Flawless Brows

No need to bother with the painstaking process of drawing in your eyebrows. Eyebrow stamps offer an easier solution.

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There's no shortage of products out there to help you achieve Insta-worthy brows, but if you don't want to spend ages perfecting your eyebrows every day, that's valid. You can save time by opting for eyebrow stamps, the latest beauty trend all over TikTok that creates flawless brows in a matter of seconds.

If microblading, eyebrow extensions, and even precise penciling seem like too much effort, the new eyebrow stamp trend is for you — especially if your brow hairs are sparse, thin, or even nonexistent.

With an eyebrow stamp kit, you can choose a stencil that best fits your brow shape. You'll then use the included spooley brush to brush your brow hairs into place where you'd like them to sit, and place your chosen stencil over your eyebrow. Finally, press the "stamp" onto your eyebrow along the cutout of the stencil to fill in your eyebrows. Voilà, proceed to show off your perfectly crisp, even, and symmetrical brows. It's a no-mess, foolproof way to score the brows of your dreams, as the stencil prevents the pigment from getting anywhere it shouldn't while ensuring both brows are the same shape. That's right, your eyebrows can look like sisters and not cousins.

A lot of TikTok users are loving Mad Luvv's Brow Stamp Kit (Buy It, $39, madluvv.com), which offers a truly customizable experience thanks to the brand's color match quiz, but you can get highly-rated picks (at more wallet-friendly prices) on Amazon or Walmart, too. A similar option is the Harupink Eyebrow Powder Stamp Kit (Buy It, $10, walmart.com), which offers three different shades.

Harupink Eyebrow Powder Stamp Kit

Harupink Eyebrow Powder Stamp Kit


Mad Luvv's Brow Stamp Kit

Mad Luvv's Brow Stamp Kit

Mad Luvv

Ever since #madluvvbrows made its TikTok debut earlier this year, fans of the brand have been demonstrating how to use its products on the app. TikTok user @mylea831 loves them so much, they've shared three separate videos dedicated to showing off their amazing brow stamp results, calling it a "freaking game changer" for workday mornings when they don't have time to do their makeup but still want perfect brows.

Amazon reviewers are equally enthused. "Madluvv brow stamp is the best I've ever used," one recent five-star review reads. "I have very light to no eyebrows and this brow stamp gives me eyebrows that look natural. It is easy to use." Another person called it all-caps ″amazing,″ writing "Where have you been all my life???? This cut my brow time down to 30 seconds vs. 5-10 minutes trying to get it right and even. I love this product and will not be without it!"

Perfect brows in 30 seconds? All the slow claps for that.

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