Fall Fashion Trends


Fashion trends change so quickly it's difficult to stay on top of what's in and what's out. Here's a roundup of fall's most popular (and wearable) styles, plus inexpensive ways you can replicate them at home.

Fall Trend: Big Shoulders

Jackets with full-bodied shoulders peaked on the Fall 2009 runways with French designer Balmain leading the way. Edgy blazers are a versatile item to have; you can wear them with anything from classic trousers to designer jeans or even a cocktail dress.

Affordable alternative: Try sewing in shoulder pads to the inside of an existing blazer that you don't wear, or head to the craft store and pick up an appliqué that you can attach to the outside of the fabric.

Fall Trend: Over-the-Knee Boots

We all think of Pretty Woman when we see thigh-high boots, but these risqué shoes are a huge trend for the season. Are they practical for the everyday woman running around town? No way! The boot bears a hefty price tag--and an even higher heel--so unless you're a committed fashionista, you might opt to acknowledge the style and skip it.

Affordable alternative: If you're headed out for a night on the town and want to dip your toe in the trend pool, take a pair of tall boots you currently own and wear knee-high brown or black socks underneath. There's a fine line between being fashion-forward and looking like a schoolgirl, so make sure that the rest of your outfit leans conservatively.

Fall Trend: Studs

Studs and grommets are typically associated with punk rock, but adding a splash of attitude to a traditional and simple outfit is a fun way to dabble in new fall trends. An embellished belt tossed over a floral dress might be all you need to incorporate this style.

Affordable alternative: Have an old coat or blazer that you don't wear? Buy studs to line the edge of the collar or the sleeves and apply them yourself.

Fall Trend: Faux Fur

Thankfully, faux fur has made a comeback. Worn as a vest or jacket, it makes for great cozy outerwear. You can put a thin belt on the outside to help outline your silhouette.

Affordable alternative: Right now just about every major retailer is selling a version of a faux-fur vest or jacket. If you still want to satisfy your need to DIY, pick up two yards of furry fabric and follow the simple directions from P.S. I Made This.

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