April 24, 2009

Traveling can take its toll on your feet. Luckily, spas and salons all over the country offer a variety of unique services that'll leave you with born-again soles.


Candela Spa

Peppermint Pampering

After an alpha-hydroxy acid rub, lower legs and feet are slathered in cooling blue peppermint clay and wrapped in warm towels. Massage and pedicure follow. (90 minutes, $60; 617-426-6999.)

Cleveland area

Mario's International Spas & Hotels

Botanical Treat for Feet

Begin with a warm, cleansing saltwater soak spiked with tea tree oil. A cooling glacial clay mask is then applied, followed by a moisturizing massage. (40 minutes, $45; 330-562-9171.)



Spa Pedicure

Customized for each client, a selection of Chinese herbs blended with oil is rubbed into feet and calves to exfoliate and stimulate circulation. A dip in paraffin wax, full pedicure and moisturizing massage follow. (90 minutes, $58; 312-751-1511.)


Renée Rouleau Skin Spa

Peppermint Foot Scrub & Rub

Add this treatment to your basic pedicure or reflexology. The scrub, applied with loofahs, sloughs off dead skin and leaves feet refreshed and baby smooth. (10 minutes, $15; 972-248-6131.)

Los Angeles

Hands On

Rub-a-Dub Foot Massage

The intensive massage begins with a relaxing eucalyptus/tea tree oil soak and ends only when you're ready (or run out of money). (15 minutes, $15; 310-860-0137.)


The Biltmore Hotel Fitness Center & Spa

Aromatherapy Reflexology

The pressure points on your feet are gently manipulated according to reflexology practices to help balance and revive your body. All that rubbing feels divine. (30 or 50 minutes, $65 and $80; 800-727-1926.)

New York


The D.Vine Pedicure

Sip a glass of merlot while your feet get drunk on relaxation. Includes a bubbly soak and scrub, a mud wrap, acupressure massage, and a full pedicure. (90 minutes, $75; 212-274-8888.)

The Institute Beaute

The Power Peel

Pamper your feet the way you would your face with this microdermabrasion technique: A machine blowing tiny micro-crystals sloughs away rough, hardened skin so you can rediscover the soles you were born with. (15 minutes, soles only, $35; 30 minutes, ankles down, $75; 212-535-0229.)

Orlando, Fla.

The Disney Institute Spa

Seaweed Treatment Pedicure

Warm marine mud is painted onto feet, which are then wrapped in plastic and placed in warm booties to lock in moisture and maximize the seaweed's potency. A classic pedicure follows. (50 minutes, $59, gratuity included; 407-827-4455.)


Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon & Spa

Warm Milk Pedicure

An oasis for dry, parched soles, this treatment begins when feet are soaked in a silver bowl filled with warm milk and rose petals. During the pedicure portion, your feet are massaged with warm avocado cream, then wrapped in hot, orange-scented towels. (60 minutes, $50; 602-553-8800 or 800-59-ARDEN.)


Ummelina International Day Spa

African Foot Bath

Rest your tired soles on an authentic African rain drum while Nana, an ethnobotanist from Ghana, soaks, soothes and smoothes your feet using shea butter from Africa. (30 minutes, $35; 800-663-4SPA.)

Washington D.C. area


Achilles Treat

Get revved up with their peppermint foot scrub, then choose an essential oil for an aromatherapy foot massage (depending on your mood), plus paraffin wax dip of the lower legs and feet. (60 minutes, $76, gratuity included; 703-519-8528.)