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Fashion Trends: The Best Jeans for Spring

Skinny Jeans

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Have you tried to wear a tunic top or mini-dress over jeans? It’s a great look—one that everyone can pull off—but it only works with skinny jeans. Slim, close-fit jeans look great with long, flowing tops and together they create a silhouette that flatters all figures. Tuck those skinny jeans into a pair of boots or slip on a slouchy boyfriend jacket and you'll know why we put skinny jeans on the list of must-haves.

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Skinny Jeans: Ashley Greene

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Ashley Greene is wearing a trend that's truly becoming a classic, the skinny jean. "Every woman should absolutely own at least one staple skinny jean that is a) a dark wash denim and b) at least 2 percent spandex to have that everyday comfortable wear," says Jeannie Mai, celebrity stylist and host of the makeover show How Do I Look? on the Style Network.

Celebrity stylist tip: Wear your skinny jeans with at least a low heel or platform whenever possible. Otherwise, skinny jeans can widen frames that are larger or fuller on top, Mai says.

Skinny Jeans: Kim Kardashian

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This super-flattering, classic skinny jean is just more proof that Kim Kardashian does no wrong when it comes to fashion. Kardashian's outfit is the perfect example of how to style skinny jeans, adding length to the rest of her torso with a long shirt and blazer. Also, wearing her hair down helps keep the eyeline vertical rather than horizontal, Mai says.

Celebrity stylist tip: Skinny jeans can emphasize fuller hips if you're not careful, so take a tip from Kardashian and stick to long layers on top. "Another trick to style yourself slim is to do a quick body tune-up ahead of spring fashion season," Mai says, who recently teamed up with Yoplait to help women look and feel amazing in their jeans with a two-week tune up plan. You can safely lose up to 5 pounds in just 14 days.

Modern Bootcut

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We know, we know—you wear bootcut jeans because the fashion experts told you that they are the most flattering. And they do look good. But now you can have the long, lean look of a bootcut with the trimmer silhouette of straight leg jeans. It's called the Modern Bootcut and it’s a whole new hemline—not too straight, not too flared—we think it’s just right.

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Bootcut Jeans: Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway's classic bootcut jeans have a little less of a flare than most bootcut styles. This isn't really a new spring trend, as it's a classic cut that never goes out of style, Mai says. Bootcuts are fantastic for women with terrific curves because they balance fuller hips.

Celebrity stylist tip: Have a seamstress hem your jeans to skim right beneath your heel. Any extra denim gathering—as you can see here on Hathaway—can work against the goal of lengthening your legs.

Grey Jeans

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Are you ready to go grey? We're not talking about your hair, we're talking about jeans. Surprising and subtle, grey is a whole new way to wear denim. Perfect with the pastel hues that are so popular this spring, grey jeans make everything look fresh and new. Hey, if one pair of grey jeans can give the rest of your wardrobe a boost, we think that’s a good deal and a must-have.

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Grey Jeans: Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria's grey denim is like the man every woman wants: classic, straight, and great looking. Though Longoria's confident, single stride makes it clear that she doesn't need them.

Celebrity stylist tip: "The slight sand blast on Longoria's grey jeans adds visual interest to the hips, which is a great tip to all of my ladies out there who are born blessed with an athletic, straight shape," Mai says.


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Sure you love your jeans, but give them a break and slip into some chinos. These wear-with-everything colors make chinos a perfect alternative to denim—especially in warm weather. Paired with a crisp white shirt, cotton sweater or colorful polo, chinos have a timeless appeal and the same slimming benefit as NYDJ jeans. That makes them a must-have in your closet this spring.

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Chinos: Julianne Moore

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Chic in her chinos, Julianne Moore looks more California cool than ever before. Straighter legged than a cargo skinny, this pant is ideal for girls on-the-go who want a more rugged, relaxed look.

Celebrity stylist tip: To keep this look slimming, it's best to pair with a top that hangs past the waistband, rather than wide or boxy top that's cropped, Mai says.

Cargo Chinos: Amanda Seyfried

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Cargo chinos are one of my absolute favorite fashion pieces that are a must-have this spring (thanks to designers like Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim), Mai says. This cut works on nearly every body shape, while the cargo pocket adds a flirtatious, boyish touch.

Celebrity stylist tip: Mai suggests that women with fuller hips wear these pants with heels to lengthen the slight V shape of this style.

White Jeans

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It seems like every spring white jeans are on the runways, in the magazines and on the racks. And why not? Fresh and feminine, white jeans and warm weather are a natural combination. No wonder it's a perennially popular look. So what are you waiting for? Find white jeans that will flatter you the same way that your favorite blue jeans do and see what we mean by "must-have."

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White Jeans: Jennifer Aniston

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There's nothing more effervescent and sophisticated than a pair of white, snug jeans like Jen Aniston wears here. "The best part of a white pant is the bump of great booty this color can give," Mai says.

Celebrity stylist tip: If you're going to tuck these pants into boots like Aniston, make sure they're a slimming shape that comes up over your entire calf. White can be an expanding color, and your legs can look cut off with ankle booties or anything below the calf, Mai says.


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