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Fashionistas Elle and Blair Share Their Favorite Winter Trends

Dark Nail Polish

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Anything dark will do this winter! So now's the perfect time to break out your plums, crimsons, graphites or grays. If you're not into gray or purple, try one of these must-have colors, like maroon, denim or electric blue.

Anything Metallic or Glittery

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Anything glitzy and glamorous is perfect for this holiday season, especially New Year's Eve.


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Besides feathers, you'll be seeing a lot of embellished, hippie-style headbands (the ones that go around your forehead), as well as low ponytails (a staple at almost every runway show from Fashion Week 2012) and "waterfall" braids.

Check out what hairstyles some of our other favorite bloggers are wearing this season!

Different Textures and Fabrics

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Don't be afraid to try color-blocking this winter, or to mix combinations (like pink and red or black and brown) that wouldn't ordinarily go together. A good way to ease into the trend? Wear colored jeans, like the ones Elle is sporting in this picture.

Furs and tweeds

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It's the end of November, which means soon, it'll be positively freezing outside. Try a jacket with a fur (or fake fur) collar like the one Blair is modeling here.


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