After getting a glimpse of Fashion Week 2012, we were excited to see what else the fashion crystal ball has in store for this season, so we sat down with hit youtube sensations, sisters and fashionistas Elle and Blair of to see what they think this winter's hottest fashion and beauty trends are. Here are some of the trends they've seen and think we'll continue to see this winter.

1. Mixing different patterns, textures and colors. Elle and Blair suggest mixing colors and patterns that you might not think go together ordinarily, such as red and pink, or black and brown. "Rich textures, like fur and velvet are also going to be big this year," Blair says. "In the 1920s, fashion was all about textures. It showed you had money, and I think it'll be making a comeback, so you'll see a lot of tweeds, fur, and velvet this season."

2. Dark nails. I don't know what it is about fall and winter, but fall and winter are the perfect times to break out your darker-colored nail polishes. According to Elle and Blair, rich crimsons and plums are the way to go this season.

3. The low ponytail. "Almost every runway show at Fashion Week this year featured a low ponytail," Elle said. "Another thing you'll see is the waterfall braid. It's so easy to do, and it looks professionally done." Learn how to do the braid here!

4. Nude eyes with bold lips. This season, expect to see "super nude eyes" with vampy, bold lipcolor.

5. Headbands. "I'm already starting to see embellished headbands," Blair says. "I think we're also going to see a lot of hippie-style headbands, the ones that go around your forehead." Also in the fashion forecast? "Anything glittery!" Blair says.

PHOTOS: To see Elle and Blair modeling their favorite winter looks, click here!