I tried GHD's new Platinum+ straightener and was quickly sold.

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I use a flat iron almost everyday-it's the only way I can quickly make my thick, hopelessly straight hair look wavy. That means I have to be super selective with the kind of flat iron I use, so as not to damage my hair. GHD's Platinum Styler has been my go-to iron for years. It's is easy-to-use, has a rounded barrel that prevents dents, and it cruises at an optimal styling temperature.

When I heard that the brand was coming out with the new model of the GHD iron, the Platinum+ Styler ($249; sephora.com), I was actually kind of annoyed: Why would GHD mess with a tool that works so well? But then, I tried the new model, and let me just say: for as good as I thought my GHD iron was before, the Platinum+ Styler is even better. (Related: The Best Flat Iron for Your Hair Type)

What sets the new Platinum+ Styler apart from its predecessor is that predicts what your hair needs on any given day. Yes, you read that right: In 2018 the iPhone weather app still can't give us accurate daily forecasts, but GHD has created the world's first personalized straightener.

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What does a predictive flat iron do exactly? The Platinum+ Styler's plates have the technology to adjust the heat based on your hair's texture and how fast you're styling it so that you're using it at a temperature that won't damage your hair. This means that you'll be able to style your hair faster and you won't experience as much breakage (up to 70 percent less!) or color fading. Its plates are also coated to prevent frizz and boost shine. (Related: The Best New Hot Styling Tools for Healthy, Shiny Hair)

Since my hair is thick, I usually have a few sections that I have to re-curl after I've done my whole head of hair. The biggest difference I noticed since switching to the Platinum+ Styler is that I never have any re-dos. It runs smoothly through my hair as I do "S"-shaped waves without emitting any steam, which always makes me paranoid that my hair is burning off. Plus, my hair feels ridiculously smooth after using it-flat irons usually make my already-dry hair feel even more brittle. (Related: 9 Hair Masks That'll Bring Damaged Hair Back to Life)

The Platinum+ Styler has definitely cut down the amount of time I spend doing my hair every morning, but I'm also hoping that over time it'll help keep my ends from getting so dead from all of the heat-styling I do.

You can now try the updated version of the cult-favorite flat iron by picking it up for $249 at sephora.com and in Sephora stores.

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