To give her skin a boost, she got a glycolic peel, LED light therapy, and high-frequency treatment.

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Gabrielle Union has always had an ageless, glowing complexion, so we're interested in any skin-care methods she's willing to try. Naturally, when she Instagram-Storied her latest facial, we took detailed notes. (Related: Gabrielle Union Shared Her Full-Body Strength Workout and It's Intense AF)

Union went for a post-vacation skin treatment and had her facialist explain every step of the process for her followers. First, she had a glycolic peel, a fairly mild chemical peel that can help treat acne, minimize the appearance of pores, and increase radiance. (Here's everything else you need to know about glycolic acid. )

The Being Mary Jane actress also had "hella zits" (her words) after her vacation, so her facialist then used a high-frequency wand to treat some spots on her jawline. High-frequency devices are often used to treat acne or reduce the appearance of wrinkles or pores, according to UC Health.


Next, Union received some LED light therapy, a treatment that Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Camila Mendes have all used to prep for red carpet appearances. Her facialist used both red and blue LED light after applying LightStim PhotoMasque, a hydrating mask with plankton extract and hyaluronic acid.

"We're treating the bacteria on your chin with your acne [with the blue light], and then the red [promotes] cell turnover, and it's just going to give you a healthy glow," Union's facialist explains in the video.

If you want to try the same method at home, LightStim PhotoMasque is on Amazon, as is a red and blue LED wand from the brand.

Union came out of her facial with straight-up ~illuminated~ skin, as you can see in a no-makeup selfie she shared on her Instagram Story.

Pardon the interruption while we beeline to the nearest spa.


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