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Genius Products to Make the Most Out of Your Shower Time

Your Shower Just Got Upgraded

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Most of us have the same shower goal: Get in, get clean, and get out as fast as possible. Now the latest technological advances just hitting drugstore shelves will not only help you do that in record time but also leave your body smoother and more hydrated and your hair stronger and fuller. So while these innovative formulas call for a few tweaks to your routine, the transforming results are worth it. Here, fresh new ways to wash and go.

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A Multi-Tasking Tool

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Soap-on-a-rope enters the 21st century, and now it's simultaneously sudsy, squishy, and scrubby. One side of the Duo has the texture of a smooth washcloth; the other has 10,000 itty-bitty nubs that scrub without scratching; and in between is a flexible cleanser—a combination of cellulose and body wash—that bubbles through both sides and molds to your shape, cleansing and scrubbing every crease and curve. You'll be addicted to the superclean feeling it gives you after the first use; luckily the disposable Duo lasts 30 washes. ($13,

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A Suds Above

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We're suckers for body wash that comes in a pump dispenser—so much more convenient than a flip top! When that pump takes a super hydrating body wash and transforms it into a luxurious foam? We're sold. Dove Shower Foam has taken its deeply penetrating NutriumMoisture technology and combined it with an extra-mild cleanser typically found in high-end face wash. So what you get is a creamy, dreamy lather that nourishes dry skin as it cleans. Not to mention that it pinch-hits perfectly for shaving cream (as does this surprising food)! ($6,

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A Shampoo That Strengthens

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Many women have stopped washing their hair every day for fear of stripping strands of the natural oils that make them shiny and manageable. (Check out The Best Dry Shampoos for Your Workout.) But skipping the shampoo isn't a great plan if you're working out and sweating up your scalp. So Pantene created a shampoo that gives back more than it takes out of your hair. The new base formula, found in 12 of the brand's shampoos, uses nourishing lipids that penetrate each hair shaft to build strength and flexibility inside the strand, while antioxidants are deposited on the surface to protect hair from UV and heat damage. And just as with exercise, adding core strength and flexibility prevents injuries—or in your hair's case, breakage, color fading, frizzies, and flyaways. ($4,

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A Goof-Proof Tan

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It's safe to say that until now, self-tanning hasn't been a particularly effortless activity. (Although, we've got some key tips right here.) Sure, improvements have been made since the early days, when dry times and streak risks ran high. But in a giant leap forward, Jergens has combined its famous Natural Glow and Wet Skin technologies to create a gradual self-tanning moisturizer that absorbs instantly and deeply and evenly distributes color into wet skin. While you're still dripping from the shower, apply, then immediately towel off (any excess won't stain your towel, swear). You'll want to wash your hands as you would with any self-tanner, but that's it; go ahead and get dressed. Your tan will start to show up in the next few hours and then will fully develop after using the product over three days. ($9,

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A Clean Routine In Reverse

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Using conditioner before shampoo is counterintuitive, but the results are undeniable: Fine hair gets a major lift! Step one moisturizes hair, while step two cleans and lifts off anything weighing it down but leaves a lightweight conditioning layer to tame flyaways and make hair super soft. ($5,

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An In-Shower Moisturizer

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After you wash, apply one of these all over your body, then rinse. The moisturizer clings to your skin, sealing in hydration just as you're at peak dewiness. You're left 100 percent unsticky and fully hydrated from shoulders to soles. ($5,

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