Get Healthier Hair with the First Smart Hair Brush

The new tech beauty tool will be available in fall 2017, and it could be the best way to prevent bad hair days for good


While it may have begun with smartphones, tablets, and watches, personal technology has now expanded into all facets of your life-even your beauty routine. This year, it's all about teching-out your hair tools. Slated to launch in fall 2017, the Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings is the world's first-ever smart brush.

The brainchild of a partnership between L'Oréal and tech-health company Withings, the tool tracks your hair brushing habits to ensure that overzealous brushing isn't stressing your strands. "Forceful hair brushing has been proven to cause hair damage, including breakage and split ends. The Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings minimizes these risks," said a L'Oréal rep in a press release about the innovation. (Great hair begins in the shower. Here's exactly how to wash your hair to prevent breakage.)

And while the battery-operated device may not look entirely different from what's currently on your vanity, it touts an impressive array of tech features. The brush has a built-in microphone that listens to the sounds of your brushing, and sensors that can tell whether your hair is wet or dry as well as count strokes to measure how forcefully you're brushing.

All of the data the smart brush records is collected in the accompanying app, which can account for weather issues such as humidity (PSA: hair masks to combat frizz), temperature, and wind-all of which can cause bad hair days. After analyzing all of this info, the app gives your hair a quality score. Based on those results, you'll receive personalized hair-care tips and Kérastase product recommendations. Sounds like great hair days (and lots of 'grammable #hairgoals) are on your horizon for 2017.

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