Amazon Shoppers Say This Mini Razor Is Great for Getting a Close Shave — Especially On Their Bikini Line

Some find that the razor’s short handle makes it easier to shave more contoured areas of the body.

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No matter how much shaving experience you have, the occasional knick happens. But getting a better or closer shave might not have to do with your technique — it might be about the razor you're using. According to Amazon shoppers, Gillette's Venus Snap mini razor (Buy It, $9, is great for getting a "close shave," especially along the bikini line.

The razor has a five-blade head — the head being the same size as a typical razor — but it has a shorter, rounder handle that makes it unique and more compact, which is particularly ideal for travel purposes. Its pivoting head hugs curves, and the small size of the razor makes it so that users grip it with their hand closer to the skin. Reviewers find that these features make it easier to use when compared to a traditional razor. (

"It's adorable but not impractical at all," one wrote. "I use it as my regular shower razor. The short handle is actually more stable for shaving because you hold it closer to the blades, which makes it easier to control. The wide handle also feels more secure. The blades cut really well, and the blue stuff all around them is great for lubricating the area being shaved."

Gillette Venus Snap with Extra Smooth Women's Razor Handle + 1 Blade Refill

Buy It: Gillette Venus Snap Razor, $9,

Others add that the mini razor makes it easier to avoid cuts and knicks. "For someone who usually leaves a shave needing a few little bandages, this is the first razor that has left me with a beautiful, smooth shave," a reviewer said. "[I] love it so much, I bought one for all of my girls!" (

Those who shave their bikini line know that a steady hand and an eye for detail are key to getting a smooth shave — and many shoppers say this mini razor makes the process easier. "I have a hard time with most razors contouring to the shape and getting every little hair, which drives me insane," one said. "The Venus Snap is the answer to this issue. The flexibility of the head allows it to glide easily over the area, and the petite size makes it easier to handle than the standard razor."

The mini razor comes with a travel case, and it's compatible with all Venus replacement heads. For just $9, it might be the secret to your smoothest shave yet.

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