Shower products we can seriously get behind.

By Faith Brar
September 13, 2017

If there's any brand that's been successful in infiltrating the millennial beauty world, it's Glossier. Until now, they've been known for their high-quality skin-care and makeup products (we're obsessed with their priming moisturizer, Boy Brow, and Cloud Paint blush, to name a few). Now, they're venturing into body care with a brand-new product dubbed the Body Hero Duo-and it's bound to revolutionize the way you shower.

Photo Credit: Glossier

The two-step system includes the Body Hero Daily Oil Wash that promises to clean and hydrate your skin, and the Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream, which acts as a moisturizer and is made with light-reflecting particles to give you that ~all-day-every-day glow~.

Of course, the products are packaged in blush-pink bottles that are perfect for brightening your Instagram feed, too. (Related: Self-Care Beauty Products for When You're Feeling Stressed)

Photo Credit: Glossier

Glossier hopes that this high-quality system will set itself apart from other mainstream body-care products that are chock-full of water and oil-stripping soaps, according to Bustle. (Related: Is Rosewater the Secret to Healthier Skin?)

Photo Credit: Glossier

But perhaps the best part of this buzzy release is the array of body-inclusive photos Glossier featured to promote their new game-changing products. To really hammer home the message that these products are for *every body*, their campaign features stripped-down women with different skin tones and body types (yes, even a pregnant woman). (Related: This Diverse Lingerie Campaign Is the Best Thing You'll See All Day)

The Body Hero Duo is available starting September 13 on Glossier's website and will set you back $35. So get your wallets ready and prepare to transform the way you shower forever.


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