Shower products we can seriously get behind.

By Faith Brar
Updated: September 13, 2017

If there's any brand that's been successful in infiltrating the millennial beauty world, it's Glossier. Until now, they've been known for their high-quality skin-care and makeup products (we're obsessed with their priming moisturizer, Boy Brow, and Cloud Paint blush, to name a few). Now, they're venturing into body care with a brand-new product dubbed the Body Hero Duo-and it's bound to revolutionize the way you shower.

Photo Credit: Glossier

The two-step system includes the Body Hero Daily Oil Wash that promises to clean and hydrate your skin, and the Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream, which acts as a moisturizer and is made with light-reflecting particles to give you that ~all-day-every-day glow~.

Of course, the products are packaged in blush-pink bottles that are perfect for brightening your Instagram feed, too. (Related: Self-Care Beauty Products for When You're Feeling Stressed)

Photo Credit: Glossier

Glossier hopes that this high-quality system will set itself apart from other mainstream body-care products that are chock-full of water and oil-stripping soaps, according to Bustle. (Related: Is Rosewater the Secret to Healthier Skin?)

Photo Credit: Glossier

But perhaps the best part of this buzzy release is the array of body-inclusive photos Glossier featured to promote their new game-changing products. To really hammer home the message that these products are for *every body*, their campaign features stripped-down women with different skin tones and body types (yes, even a pregnant woman). (Related: This Diverse Lingerie Campaign Is the Best Thing You'll See All Day)

The Body Hero Duo is available starting September 13 on Glossier's website and will set you back $35. So get your wallets ready and prepare to transform the way you shower forever.



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