This Cult-Favorite Brow Gel Is the Only Makeup Product I've Worn During Quarantine

Glossier Boy Brow makes my light blonde brows noticeably bold and fluffy—even from a 6-foot distance.

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If there's anything remotely "good" to have emerged from the coronavirus pandemic, it's all the free time I now have from skipping my morning makeup routine. After spending all this time indoors with me, myself, and I (and having an occasional video chat), I've come to embrace my au natural self and have ditched my daily swipe of concealer on my under-eye circles and quick flick of mascara. When 90 percent of your face is hidden by a mask and a pair of sunnies, what's the point of applying your berry-red lipstick and shimmery eyeshadow?

Still, when I do feel like sprucing myself up a bit for my trip to the Mexican restaurant's takeout counter or a socially distant picnic in the park, there's only one product I pull out of my now-dusty makeup bag: Glossier's Boy Brow.

In three easy swipes, the cult-favorite eyebrow product makes my fine blonde brows noticeably thick and fluffy, even from a 6-foot distance. Plus, Boy Brow's forgiving nature means I can accidentally apply a whole glob of product and still smooth it out to perfection. As someone who acquired her limited set of beauty skills from a best friend at 13 years old and is too intimidated to attempt the fine art of filling in brows with a pencil, this "user is always right" characteristic is the primary reason our love affair has lasted so long.

But Boy Brow's other stand-out features have also helped keep our romance alive too. While other grooming gels have a hairspray-like effect, keeping your brows anchored in place but also seriously stiff, Glossier's beeswax and carnauba wax combination keeps every hair secure without making it feel like plastic. Unlike brow pencils, Glossier Boy Brow has a subtle tint that doesn't smudge if you accidentally wipe your eyebrow. (Though you'll probably want to take it off if you go for an eyebrow pinching massage.)

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And this ~grooming pomade~ can withstand *much* more than a quick flick of the finger or a few drops of sweat. For one reviewer, Glossier's Boy Brow stayed put even after she got hit by a car (yes, you read that right). "I wore this to a festival and it stayed on through infinite sweat there," the reviewer wrote. "After the festival, I got hit by a car on the side of the road and, after getting pulled out from under a car and going to the hospital, the only intact part of my makeup when I left the hospital was this brow product."

If that gleaming (though, uh, terrifying) review doesn't convince you to grab a tube ASAP, know that Glossier's Boy Brow, which is available in three shades and clear, is also a rave-worthy product for those whose eyebrows are the complete opposite of mine: dark-hued and extremely lush. "I had tried different brow products before, but I have naturally thick brows, so they always made me look ridiculous—sort of like I took a black sharpie to my face and went to town," said one reviewer. "Not with Boy Brow. It makes my brows look just slightly fuller and meticulously groomed."

How long one tube of this miracle brow product will last you, though, is its single downfall. The 3 oz tube is about the size of a sample product, meaning it will last you a couple of months if you, like me, use it sparingly or just a few weeks if you use it regularly, as some reviewers have pointed out.

But if Glossier's Boy Brow almost instantaneously turns my barely-there brows into soft and neat ones that stand out across the 6-foot divide, having to restock every few months is but a minor inconvenience—and, for me, so worth it.

Glossier Boy Brow

Glossier Boy Brow
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