Meet Colorslide, Vinylic Lip, Glitter Gelée, and Nightshine—for when no-makeup makeup just isn't your vibe.

By Renee Cherry
March 04, 2019
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Photo: Glossier

After days of cryptic Instagram teasers, the wait is finally over; Glossier has launched Glossier Play. While the internet predicted everything from a nightclub to Snapchat-esque digital filters, Glossier Play turned out to be a new separate brand of makeup products. While Glossier made its name from sheer, dewy, let-your-freckles-live products, its new spinoff is all high-octane color and glitter-basically the exact opposite of no-makeup makeup. (Related: Glossier's New Zit Stick Gets Rid of Pimples for Just $14)

The launch includes four products and two tools. Colorslide is a gel eyeliner pencil that comes in 14 vibrant shades. Vinylic Lip is a lip lacquer in a clickable pen that delivers shine without being sticky. Niteshine is a highlighter concentrate made with refined pearl powder that gives a noticeable shine. Glitter Gelée has glitter in a transparent gel base, and "creates a multi-dimensional, jeweled effect." (Check out all of the swatches in their Instagram story highlight.) The two tools include Blade, a sharpener, and The Detailer, an angled makeup brush.

For anyone who wants it all, Glossier Play also launched The Playground, which includes one of each product in any shade at a $15 discount. (Related: Glossier Just Launched Body Care That's Truly for Every Body)

In her announcement post today, Glossier founder Emily Weiss posted an Instagram video of herself wearing the products way back on NYE in 2017, over a year before they were available. "I am SO EXCITED to launch this brand today after years of dreaming, creation and collaboration," she wrote in her caption. "This is the definition of a labor of love and passion-the sheer JOY of MAKEUP!" She's wearing the Colorslide eyeliner in Adult Swim, a dark navy blue, and the Glitter Gelée in Phantasm. (Judging by color payoff alone, both are worth picking up.)

All the products are cruelty-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic according to the brand, and they range in price from $4 for Blade to $60 for The Playground. They're sold at; Go forth.