It's boosted with benzoyl and capryloyl salicylic acid.

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Updated: September 05, 2018

Plenty of people think that Glossier is a beauty brand made for people who already have "good skin." For instance, Glossier's Stretch Concealer is lightweight, never gets cake-y, and gives skin a healthy allover glow-but when it comes to covering up big blemishes or discoloration, the formula is just too sheer. Luckily, with the arrival of the brand's latest launch, you might not have any more blemishes to cover. (Related: Why You Should Be Shopping for Beauty Products at Urban Outfitters)

Photo: Glossier

On September 6, Glossier is launching Zit Stick, a $14, travel-friendly gel spot treatment that promises to reduce the size of pimples in as little as three hours. This isn't the first acne-related product the brand has released, but unlike the Solution Exfoilating Skin Perfector, the pen is meant to get rid of pimples almost instantly rather than prevent them over time. (Related: Glossier Just Launched the Solution to Your Breakouts)

The formula is a mix of common acne-fighting ingredients including germ-killing five-percent benzoyl peroxide, capryloyl salicylic acid (a less irritating form of the AHA acid), and tea tree oil. It has an anti-bacterial stainless steel rollerball tip for sanitary reasons so that regularly applying the treatment doesn't lead to more blemishes. (Related: Is Salicylic Acid Really a Miracle Ingredient for Blackheads and Acne?)

Using Zit Stick isn't all that different from the Tide to Go Stick stain remover it looks like. The only difference is that instead of pressing the stick onto a zit, you twist the pen to release the gel spot treatment, then gently rub it on. Glossier recommends twisting it a full 16 times on its first use, and scaling back to 3-6 times following the initial treatment. It can be used to up to three times a day until your pimple is completely gone.

Photo: Glossier

So, how well does it work? According to the brand's clinical trials, 4 out of 5 participants said redness and swelling was reduced after six hours, plus their pimples were less painful.

Since the gel is completely translucent and dries quickly, it can conveniently be applied over or under makeup throughout the day. Yes, getting rid of a pimple can be as easy as cleaning that salad dressing stain from your white T-shirt. (Related: 15 Innovative Acne Products Changing the Way You Fight Breakouts)

Glossier's Zit Stick will be available on September 6 for $14 at

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