Gloves In A Bottle Is the Lotion to Beat, According to Frequent Hand Washers

The product name may come off as gimmicky, but Amazon reviewers are seriously impressed.

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Amazon shoppers are a tough crowd, so if a product isn't worth the hype, they'll be the first to say so. (You don't know brutal honesty until you've read a review from a disappointed Amazon shopper.) On the flip side, when something receives a lot of glowing reviews on the site you know it's actually worth checking out. That seems to be the case with Gloves In A Bottle, a "shielding lotion" in an unremarkable blue bottle. Judging by nearly 7,000 reviews, the lotion actually lives up to its name.

If you've been staying on top of your 20-second hand washes and regular sanitizing as many concerned citizens are, chances are your skin is feeling dryer than usual. Your skin produces natural oils, and soap can strip away those oils faster than skin is able to produce them, leaving skin dry, rough, and/or cracked. Gloves In A Bottle is designed to reinforce the skin's protective outer layer to prevent the dryness that can result from hand washing, cleaning, and other everyday occurrences.

To achieve that, Gloves In A Bottle contains ingredients such as glycerin and dimethicone. Glycerin is a sugar alcohol that's a humectant, meaning it draws in moisture. Dimethicone is a silicone with occlusive properties, meaning it can create a barrier on the skin which aids in locking in moisture. A perfect pairing, glycerin gives a hydration boost while dimethicone creates the "glove-like" barrier, preventing moisture from escaping while protecting deeper layers of skin from irritants. The brand suggests applying the lotion every four hours to keep skin protected throughout the day each day. Gloves In A Bottle can be used all over your face and body, including on dry, cracked feet.

Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion

Gloves In a Bottle Shielding Lotion
Gloves In a Bottle

As mentioned, daily activities such as dishwashing and hand washing can be extremely drying. When you tack on a profession such as hairstyling that requires you to wash your hands regularly (in addition to frequently washing clients' hair), the level of hand dryness can become, dare I say it, unbearable. Notably, Amazon reviewers from all walks of life, including dental hygienists, professional pastel artists, and factory workers, sing the praises of Gloves In A Bottle, spotlighting its ability to transform the condition of your hands within a matter of days. In one glowing review, a dental hygienist who washes their hands "hundreds of times a day" shares that the "invisible gloves" have put agony from working with their hands behind them. "When the bitter cold winter months come around, my hands are dry, cracked, red and angry," they write. "It's incredibly painful, but most lotions are too greasy and fragranced, while the lighter ones aren't moisturizing enough. THIS LOTION IS A GAME-CHANGER. It's light and unscented but leaves my skin so silky, soft, and moisturized."

Another Amazon reviewer, who, according to the review, is a hairdresser, says that Gloves In A Bottle had done more for their dermatitis — a general term for skin irritation —than many prescriptions creams have. "I was diagnosed by my dermatologist with hand dermatitis, and they told me to limit my wet work!" they write. "LOL, this is virtually impossible since my profession…I have already noticed less cracking on my hands/fingers since using this product…. I have had better luck with this in just a week than I have with the creams my dermatologist prescribed!"

No matter the cause of your dry hands, a quick scroll through reviews will probably convince you that you need to buy Gloves In A Bottle. Although a lotion that creates an "invisible shield" around your skin may sound too good to be true, the product's near-5,000 5-star reviews suggest otherwise.

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