A hit of glitter can make a big impact with your hair and makeup this season
Gold Beauty Hacks That Will Transform Your Holiday Look

The most glamorous accessory for any winter party happens to be gold, and these glittery beauty hacks help spruce up any look this season.


The quickest way to transition your outfit from day to night is with a sparkly cosmetics case. Make sure it's big enough to carry all of your essentials (like your cell phone and cash) but take out any makeup you won't need for the night so it's not as bulky. That makes it look less like a cosmetics bag and more like a sophisticated evening clutch.


Nail polish isn't just meant for your fingers; you can also use it to spruce up any hair look. Start with a gold, glittery hue (here I used Butter London The 444 Nail Lacquer, $15, butterlondon.com), then paint two even coats on a handful of bobby pins. To ensure the gold is as opaque as possible-and you won't see any of the remaining bobby pin-wait 10 minutes in between the first and second coat. Once the polish has fully dried (which takes about 20-30 minutes) you can slip the glittery pins into your hair, creating any design you covet.


You can spotlight your eyes in an instant with a gold eyeliner pencil. The shimmer will catch the light, giving you a subtle glint. To do it, gently pull down your lower lid and trace the creamy eyeliner along your waterline at the base of your lashes. Draw on a second layer to amp up the intensity. Then head over to read the