TikTokers Swear They 'Never Have to Wear Mascara Again' After Discovering This Lash Growth Serum

“My lashes have gotten so long, that they’re getting into knots.”

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Anyone with short lashes knows the struggle of curling, tinting, and adding multiple coats of mascara every time they put on makeup. In addition to being annoyingly time-consuming, all the wear and tear can sometimes cause the delicate hairs to break and thin out, making the problem even worse. The most obvious solution: help them grow long and strong. While there are hundreds of lash growth serums out there, so many TikTok users who've gone through the trial and error vouch for Grande Cosmetics' GrandeLash-MD Enhancing Serum (Buy It, $68, amazon.com).

"How to never have to wear mascara again," wrote creator @nataliedn13, demonstrating how "consistently using" the much-hyped serum gave her wildly long lashes. According to the brand, the serum's main active ingredient, L-proline is, "an amino acid essential to healthy, fortified lashes." Additionally, the formula includes hydrating hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich botanical extracts to restore damaged lashes and strengthen new growth.

Grande Lash Growth Serum

Buy It: Grande Cosmetics GrandeLash-MD Enhancing Serum, $68, amazon.com, ulta.com, and sephora.com

For best results, Grande Cosmetics recommends applying a single stroke where your lashes meet your eyelid, "like a liquid liner," once a day for three months. TikToker @eepardy even uses castor oil along with the serum, which has also been shown to promote eyelash health. (Pssst: Shoppers say this serum also gives them falsie-level lashes)

Miraculously, #beautytok and reviewers agree, the serum actually works. "My lashes have gotten so long that they're getting into knots," said creator @lulupalmerr, commenting that the serum is"too good not to share." An Ulta shopper whose eyelashes were damaged by extensions wrote that the serum repaired the situation so well, they can now "wear [their] natural lashes out confidently!" Another reviewer added that "after only a couple weeks of using it, [their] lashes started to grow thicker and fuller," and after two months, their lashes "are the longest and strongest they have ever been."TBH, it's about time to say goodbye to all the work and products that go into making short lashes stand out. For fluttery eyelashes without a single swipe of mascara, shop this "10/10 amazing" serum at Amazon, Ulta, and Sephora.

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