Great Skin: In Your 20s


Protect, protect, protect is the skin mantra of the 20s.

Start using antioxidant-based serums and creams.

Studies show that topically applied antioxidants like vitamins C and E and polyphenols from grapeseeds can help fight free-radical damage to the skin. While use of these power nutrients needn't be limited to the 20s, this is the age to make using antioxidant skin products (which can be applied twice daily after cleansing) a habit.

Layer on a skin lightener if you have freckles or dark pigmentation.

After cleansing, use a bleaching agent to keep skin even-toned. Natural botanical-based bleaching agents- kojic acid, licorice extract and the plant extract arbutin-are effective and mild. (Studies show that all help lighten hyperpigmentation spots.)

Slather on a moisturizer or foundation with added SPF.

Broad-spectrum sunscreens (those that block the sun's burning UVB rays and aging UVA rays) with a minimum SPF 15 should be the norm, even on cloudy days. To make protecting your skin even easier, look for moisturizing products and foundations that already contain broad-spectrum SPFs.

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