Completely Bare owner and former "Real Housewife" Cindy Barshop shares her top tips.

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You may recognize her from the Real Housewives of New York City but before she was engaging in on-screen antics, Cindy Barshop was building a hugely successful spa business. Barshop is the owner of Completely Bare, a New York City based chain that specializes in hair removal, facials, and sunless tanning. So, who better to ask when it comes to the expert's advice for getting glowing and groomed for the winter? Here's what Barshop had to say.

SHAPE: What are the best ways for all skin types to change over their routines from summer/fall to winter?

CINDY BARSHOP: Switch to a moisturizer that's oil-based, rather than water-based, as the oil creates a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture. Night creams are necessary in the winter and typically they are oil based, thus being heavier and helping us achieve optimal moisture. However, make sure the moisturizer does not contain oils that may clog your skin like Shea oil or else you could break out (the last thing we want!)

If you feel as though your skin is too sensitive for a facial product containing oil, I recommend Clinique's Moisture Surge, which delivers on its claim to "instantly replenish skin with 24 hours of soothing hydration." I would also recommend going for a facial so that a skincare specialist can analyze your skin and tell you what skincare regime you should be following.

SHAPE: How can we get skin glowing like it does in the summertime?

CB: Going in for facials once a month is recommended. Microdermabrasion can help to slough off any dead skin, followed by a nourishing and hydrating mask. Also, exfoliate at home at least once a week. Exfoliating will create a more radiant appearance because when cells stay on the skin too long, it can cause blemishes and a dull appearance. Another benefit of exfoliation is how it works in synergy with your skin products to help them emulsify deeper.

SHAPE: What are some products to help moisturizer work more effectively?

CB: Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel can be used in conjunction with your moisturizer to help it penetrate deeper and hydrate longer. Layer your serum, moisturizer, and SPF and then give it a couple of minutes to sink in before applying makeup.

SHAPE: What are the best methods for exfoliating?

CB: Microdermabrasion as well as glycolic peels. For a gentler approach that can be done a couple times a week, use a cleanser with a light exfoliant. I love the Clarisonic brush, as it gets deeps in the skin for the ultimate clean.

SHAPE: What are some ways to combat winter's elements like dry heat, wind burn, etc?

CB: Keeping the skin hydrated and protected is key. For areas that wind burn, apply plain old Vasoline or Aquafor that you can get at the drugstore. If you expect to be in an area where you may experience wind burn (like skiing), apply it prior to going outside.

SHAPE: What about for lips? They tend to get drier in the wintertime too.

CB: A good lip balm should always be kept on hand. I also recommend exfoliating the lips a couple of times a month. Mix sugar with Vasoline for a quick and easy lip exfoliator and gently rub it against your mouth.

SHAPE: Are there any treatments that target patches of dry skin we often get during the winter?

CB: Avoid taking long, hot showers and moisturize while skin is moist, preferably within 5 minutes after getting out of the shower to lock moisture into your skin.

SHAPE: What about spray tanning in the winter. What's the most natural looking shade?

CB: Our spray tans are ph balanced so it will look natural for all skin types. If you are purchasing a spray tan to do at home, I recommend you purchase a color that is closest to your natural skin type so that it's subtle. Aerosols are great for the face. I prefer lotions for the body if you are doing it on yourself so that it is evenly applied. Use a blow dryer on cool to dry the area(s), and make sure the skin is dry before applying clothing and makeup. Make sure to moisturize the following day so that your tan stays fresh, and be sure to exfoliate before you tan.

SHAPE: What about sun protection during the winter?

CB: You should be wearing a minimum SPF of 30 all year round. Most moisturizers and makeup have SPF in them.

SHAPE: Now to grooming and hair removal. What are some recommendations?

CB: Laser hair removal can be done year round and after several treatments, is permanent. Winter is a good time for laser because you are not worrying as much about sun exposure (which can affect the laser). Although you can laser tanned skin, there are guidelines. You need to keep the area you are treating out of the sun one week before
 and one week after to avoid any adverse reactions.

SHAPE: What about hair and nails… any moisturizing tips?

CB: Leave-in treatments are good to do a couple times of week, as your hair is seeking moisture just like your skin. For nails, cuticle oil can be applied daily and will help prevent your cuticles from drying and peeling.

SHAPE: I know Completely Bare does eyebrow grooming and waxing as well. What's this season's hot eyebrow shape?

CB: Fuller eyebrows with a natural arch. I also like a brow-enhancing product like RevitaBrow which utilizes peptides to strengthen and condition brows, making them look thicker and fuller. Don't be afraid to fill them in either! My eyebrow pencil is my best friend.