Gwyneth Paltrow Called This $8 Conditioner Her "Favorite" for Longer, Healthier Hair

She named it one of her top picks to bring to a deserted island.
By Arielle Tschinkel
October 26, 2020
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You can always count on Goop queen Gwyneth Paltrow to set unexpected lifestyle trends, from jade eggs to vagina-scented candles. So if you assume that she's all about super-pricey beauty picks in her own daily routine, you might be shocked to learn that one of her "desert island" must-haves is a drugstore pick you can score for less than $10.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Paltrow dished on the three products she'd bring if she were stranded on a deserted island. Aside from two lavish Goop picks (including a $95 face cream and a $55 body butter), she revealed a surprisingly relatable shopping habit: scrolling through Amazon and buying "anything that says, like, 'grow long hair.'" (ICYMI: Shay Mitchell also has a budget-friendly "desert island" beauty essential.)

It's true: Despite a reputation for beauty products that skew more "woo-woo" than wallet-friendly, Paltrow told Glamour that her hunt for a "good conditioner" led her to favor Marc Anthony Grow Long Conditioner (Buy It, $8, The affordable post-shampoo product not only helps hair grow thanks to a blend of caffeine and ginseng, but it also protects hair from dryness breakage — a win-win whether you're actually stuck on a deserted island or simply braving the elements in your day-to-day routine.

Credit: Amazon

If super-long mermaid strands are what you're after, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more potent combo of ingredients than Marc Anthony's Grow Long Conditioner formula. Ginseng and caffeine are powerhouse extracts that have been shown to both support hair growth and prevent hair loss. The conditioner also includes moisturizing vitamin E to help foster a healthy scalp and lay the foundation for long, luxurious locks. Plus, it's sulfate-free, meaning it won't strip your hair of its natural oils, keeping tresses silky and shiny with each wash. (Not sure what the big deal is about going sulfate-free? Here's what you need to know about sulfates in hair-care products.)

Over 2,000 Amazon shoppers swear by the conditioner for thinning hair, split ends, and breakage. "I really love this conditioner," said one Amazon reviewer. "I have extremely bleached and brittle hair and this conditioner makes my hair feel hydrated and soft. It also makes my hair feel thicker which is amazing. I will definitely be repurchasing."

A recent Ulta shopper echoed these sentiments, writing, "I love this conditioner. Makes [my] hair extremely soft and it smells so good. It has also helped a lot with having less breakage [in] my hair. Will definitely buy again, so worth it." (While you're at it, try these DIY hair masks to treat dry, brittle strands.)

If you're like Paltrow and revel in a little Amazon browsing amid a never-ending quest for long, strong, Goop-approved hair, it seems like the search is officially over.