Hailey Bieber's New Approach to Beauty Is 'Less Is More'

The 25-year-old model shared how her "beauty philosophy" has changed over the years in an interview about her new skin-care brand.

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After a two-year-long wait filled with teasers and sneak peeks across social media, Hailey Bieber finally launched her new skin-care brand, Rhode Skin. The brand currently offers a serum, moisturizer, and lip treatment all available for under $30. It's Bieber's first entrepreneurial venture into the beauty space, and it's all about achieving healthy, glowing skin, which is something the 25-year-old now prioritizes more than ever, she revealed in an interview with People.

"My beauty philosophy has definitely evolved over the years. I look back at when I was 16, 17, even 20, and I used to love darker eye makeup and heavier contouring," she said during the interview. "And now at 25, I'm at the point where I have never felt more beautiful, never felt sexier, just embracing my skin, embracing my natural hair color." (

As of late, the model has embraced a more minimalist approach to beauty, focusing on hydrated skin and very few makeup products, she revealed in the interivew. "It's been such a nice journey of kind of just doing less and learning that less is more," she added, noting that she prefers looking back on past beauty moments when her skin was able to "breathe" on the red carpet. "I think I look more beautiful with less makeup and less coverage," she said.

Now, the multi-hyphenate wants her skin-care brand to reflect her current love of her "natural side," she told People. That's why the debut products all focus on achieving hydrated, healthy, and "glazed donut" skin — something Bieber is known for.

"What sets Rhode apart is we're putting out a very curated, edited line of essentials — our philosophy is making one of everything really good," Bieber told the publication. The supermodel compared her skin-care products to that "one really good pair of jeans you're always reaching for" and the "really good blazer you keep going back to." She wants them to become fans' new go-to products, she said.

The collection includes a Barrier Restore Cream, a lightweight face moisturizer intended to soothe and strengthen the skin barrier; a Peptide Lip Treatment to replenish and repair dry lips; and the Peptide Glazing Fluid, Bieber's self-proclaimed holy grail product. She even refers to as a "sneaky powerhouse," according to People. It's a lightweight serum that makes skin seem to glow while remaining hydrating enough to double as a moisturizer on hot summer days, Bieber explained.

The model seems to be enjoying her journey to embracing her natural looks right now, but she kept it real, admitting that she might feel differently at another point in her life. "[My beauty philosophy] might be completely different in another five years — and even more different the five after that," said Bieber. "But right now, for me, less is definitely more."

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