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Hair Makeovers

Hair Makeover: Jackie Becomes a Blonde

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"My long hair has endured flat-ironing, bleach, box-dye and corrective color. Steve made it look brand new and fresh. Dana worked off of the colors and textures of my great new haircolor and gave me bouncy layers and a great new look!"

-Jackie Valero

Watch Jackie's transformation.

Hair Makeover: Kara Pumps Up the Volume

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"I was a little afraid to go red, but Steve assured me it would look totally natural and complement my skin tone and green eyes and he was right. My new cut is cute and flirty, it put me in such a great mood for the rest of the day. I was feeling so confident that I went bathing suit shopping, and bought two!"

-Kara Sarisky

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Hair Makeover: Hannah Donates to Locks of Love

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"I have received so many compliments on the color! It looks really natural (people keep asking if they dyed my eyebrows, which they didn't!). Steve spent a lot of time adding color strategically, so I would look like I had been blonde forever. Part of me was distressed to cut off 10 inches of hair, but I am thrilled that I was able to donate it to Locks of Love. It feels fresh to have a long bob."

-Hannah Roshetko

Watch Hannah's transformation.

Hair Makeover: Mallory Goes Back to Her Blonde Roots

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"I love my new hair color and cut. The highlights really bring out the blonde that I wanted, but there's still some signs of my previous reddish brown color—it's the best of both worlds. And the cut makes it look so much healthier and full, with lots of bounce (even though my hair is so thin!)."

-Mallory Creveling

Watch Mallory's transformation.

Hair Makeover: Amy Tones Down the Blonde

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"I love the way my hair turned out. Steve saw that I had done a lot to my hair in the past and therefore made sure that his color changes would not cause breakage. Then Dana took off all my split ends and gave me layers that really make my hair bounce. I couldn't be happier!"

-Amy Schlinger

Watch Amy's transformation.


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