TikTok Users Are Creating No-Heat Curls Using Leggings

This might just be the easiest way to curl your hair.

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When it comes to curling your hair, you might be under the impression that hot tools and products are the keys to success. But one social media trend proves that bouncy curls can be achieved with a pair of leggings — yes, leggings — a few scrunchies, and the patience to let your curls set as you sleep.

Back in April 2020, celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan went viral for demonstrating how to achieve curls without heat using a pair of stockings and forming two French braids. She then tried a similar technique with the belt from her bathrobe. It turns out you can also apply the technique using a pair of leggings, as demonstrated by TikTok users such as @courtneyy_travis and @eggdressesup. (

As @eggdressesup shows in a recent video, you'll start with your hair parted down the center, with the crotch of your leggings placed on top of your head. Working on one half or your hair and then the other, you'll wrap sections of your hair around the legs of the leggings, twisting away from your face and adding in more hair as you make your way down.

Once you get to the bottom, you'll secure your hair in place by flipping the bottoms of the leggings over your hair then tying on a scrunchie. Once you've done that on both sides, you'll cross both twists behind your head and flip the waistband of the leggings over the top of your head like a cap, which will keep everything in place as you snooze.

In the morning, you'll unravel both sides and shake it out to loosen the look if you like, revealing gorgeous, voluminous curls without any heat or time spent styling. Yes, it really is that simple. (

In her video, @eggdressesup noted that it felt "so secure," adding that her hair "didn't budge all night. This ended up being super comfortable to sleep in. Out of all the overnight curls I've ever done, this was definitely one of the most comfortable. And because it was so protected and secure, the curls ended up being very uniform and neat because there weren't any stray hairs that fell out throughout the night."

Both @eggdressesup and @courtneyy_travis showed the method on dry hair, but TikTok commenters note that starting with damp hair helps make for tighter curls. Others like using old tights and/or pantyhose by cutting off the feet to help keep it secure as they sleep, since leggings might be a bit too long or thick. You can also add any curl styling products you like before or after you're done.

There you have it: Not only are leggings a wardrobe staple for both workouts and lounging, they're useful for achieving curls without any heat.

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