Shoppers with Fine Hair Call This Growth Serum a 'Miracle Product,' and It's On Sale for $17

Reviewers swear their hair became “voluminous and thicker” after one month.

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Luseta Biotin Hair Growth Serum
Photo: Courtesy of Luseta

No matter what you wear or how you feel, a good hair day makes anyone look put together and ready for anything. The downside is that the process of grooming your mane to perfection with color treatments and heat styling tools can wreak havoc on your strands, making it hard to achieve full-looking, healthy hair. Luckily, nourishing and effective treatments make all the difference in your hair's texture and appearance.

Take the Luseta Biotin and Collagen Hair Growth Serum, for example: Formulated to stimulate new hair growth and repair existing locks, this serum combines biotin and collagen oil, which are integral to hair's structure and may reverse thinning. In addition to a fuller mane, this hard-working hair oil mends damage that causes broken strands, split ends, and frizz. This leads to added strength, a healthy bounce, and super silky results. (Pssst, Billie Eilish is the latest celeb to use this famous hair serum she calls "amazing" for colored strands.)

Luseta Hair Serum

"My hair not only became voluminous and thicker, but it grew an inch," wrote another reviewer who saw these results after just one month. Another user commented that the serum gives their hair the "appearance of more thickness" and a significant "decrease in dryness and breakage." They also noted that it allowed their hair "to fill back in, eliminating those little bald spots." One reviewer even called it a "holy grail," adding that it's "not heavy" and keeps their super-fine strands "so beautiful and healthy." (BTW: Shoppers say this Jennifer Garner-approved shampoo makes thin hair look "visibly more full.")

Another plus? Right now, this "miracle product" is on sale for an even lower price than it was on Amazon Prime Day — now $17 with a coupon. Give your hair a little TLC this summer and shop this growth serum while it's still discounted.

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