Reese Witherspoon Used This Jennifer Garner-Approved Hair Strengthening Oil to Prep for the Emmys 

And shoppers say it “instantly” makes their hair “soft, smooth, and shiny.”

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Reese Witherspoon
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Other than some well-deserved wins and another spectacular red carpet look from Lizzo, nothing too outrageous happened at the Emmys last night. Of course, a few celebrities deserve a round of applause for their efforts, like Reese Witherspoon, who crushed the assignment in a midnight blue sequined dress. Her stylist also scored her major points in the hair health department by protecting her blonde waves with a product Jennifer Garner swore made her mane "thick, strong, and vibrant."

The miracle product we're referring to is the Virtue Labs Healing Oil, which restores strength, hydration, and softens brittle strands, all while preventing and correcting heat and chemical damage. The star ingredient is the brand's patented Alpha Keratin 60ku, which "literally fills in the holes, repairing damaged cuticle areas," trichologist Kerry Yates previously told Shape. "This gives the appearance that the hair is repaired and rejuvenated." The serum also contains free radical-eliminating vitamin E and moisturizing seed oil. (BTW: Jennifer Garner also uses Virtue's shopper-loved thickening shampoo.)

Jennifer Garner Virtue Shampoo

Buy It: Virtue Labs Healing Oil, $44,,

Best of all, the hype for the bond repair product goes far beyond celebrity endorsements. Hundreds of reviewers have also confirmed that it's as effective as it promises. "The Virtue hair repair oil has been such a life saver," commented one Sephora shopper whose strands were badly damaged after bleaching it. "[It's] really luxurious and nourishing for the hair," noted another, adding that just two or three drops makes hair "instantly soft, smooth, and shiny." A third wrote that it helped to "repair and replenish" their ends and made their previously dry, damaged hair "nourished and more manageable." (Pssst: One editor says this shampoo brought her curls out of hiding.)

True, most of us don't have a team of stylists on hand to make our hair look perfect, but protecting it like an A-lister is certainly in reach. Shop this damage-repairing serum for $44 from Amazon or Sephora.

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